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Was wondering how the home repairs is coming along? Or are you still in the middle of it all? And did you do the thing with the Archaeology Association?

Mal and I are (very slowly, and with the help of our offspring and their mates) doing an internal series of changes. Things like giving away books from one shelf to the Book Sale in support of the local library. And moving the huge collection of tabletop games to that shelf. Then we gave away the empty bookshelf, which opened up a lovely amount of space in our big Uncommon Room.

We have plans to take down and store some of my huge older paintings to make wall space for the newer smaller framed ones. Also plans to de-clutter and clean a number of rooms that with both of us ill we have not been able to keep up.

Add to that the slow crawl of recovering my music, and the few scant minutes a week for painting, it feels like things are just not moving along fast enough. I’m already very impatient in nature. I want things I am working on to move along quickly.

But it is what it is, This cancer thing is eating up my stamina but I still have lots of reasonably good days and a few that are not so good. I know I am asking too much of the situation.

I promised some progress photos so here goes:

Garden Monument:

Garden Monument WIP, still much refining to be done.

Dragon Eye:

Dragon Eye WIP. Added darker value colours with palette knife.

Dragon Eye WIP. Added warmer colour in the same value range.

Dragon Eye WIP. Covered the whole painting with translucent white rubbing it on lightly with a a very soft cloth.

Dragon Eye WIP. Poured half a teaspoon of 97% isopropyl alcohol over the central “eye” and wiped back some of the translucence to reveal more of the underpained Eye.

16x20" (stamped/carved piece:
I’m still looking for my leatherworking tools so I have not worked on the stamped piece since I added the heavy modelling paste to areas of it to break up the symmetry some more. I’m hoping the modelling paste won’t be too dry to stamp into.

"Glorious Mess:
Awhile back James and I decided to paint with black and while gessoes onto opened up brown paper grocery bags (this was during the first Covid lockdown when we were having groceries picked and packed by a service and we simply picked them up afterward. But tons of brown paper bags!

I’m sorry to say I may not have a photo of the original painting I started from. The point was to use the bags to play on with paint, not to make “art”, per se. And it was fun, but I painted mine with acrylics afterward and hated it (too symmetrical and too much cad yellow!). And now it is the basis for Glorious Mess.

Glorious Mess WIP: covering an old work on paper and breaking symmetry using a palette knife

Glorious Mess WIP: Working in some diagonals and other shapes.

this was so much fun! It was like being three years old again and fingerpainting, but with a three inch palette knife. I will keep playing with it until it turns into something. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and Mal named it. When he first laid eyes on it he exclaimed “What a Glorious Mess!” lol

I have now recovered two of my songs --“Let’s Take It Slowly”, and “Buddha’s Prayer”, and all but the last few chords in the third sequence of “Moon Trilogy”, a long song triggered by the first moon landing but not about it. I can’t seem to recapture a pivotal chord sequence in the third part. But it will come back to me. I’m surprised at how much I have been able to recover knowing it has been over a decade since I put the music away so I could concentrate on a more focused exploration of the art.

How is everyone else’s creative work coming along?

(also this seems too long to proofread. sorry.)


I love those works! Awesome! I wish I could just pile paint on top of paint until it transforms. I think I am too impatient myself. Want it to be done the first time through… :joy:
My home project is finally done as of today. Was delayed by the deluges of rain we have had. I have started mowing and planting and plan on taking tomorrow to just rest. This has put the artifacts on hold but I am hoping to resume that on Monday.
I am so sorry your strength is being sapped. The husband of a friend of mine just found out he has lukemia. They have him in hospice and he is very weak. It is very sad and I have been spending part of my time trying to help out and support in whatever ways I can.
There have been a real rollercoaster of emotions here lately.
I picked up a paintbrush yesterday and promised it there would be work very soon. I think art helps to stabilize me when the washing machine of life gets off balance. :laughing: Flowers are starting to bloom and butterflies are fluttering by.
Still hoping to hear some of that music. One step at a time. Sounds like you have a lot going on.
I did paint my phone case with my Posca pens. It is burgundy and I lose it every time I lay it down. It blends into my dark stained furniture. :sweat_smile:

I know, right? I feel it, too. I try not to get discouraged inching along like this, but on the other hand it does give more time for grokking the painting(s) before adding the next layer.

I’m happy to hear the repairs are finally out of the way for you, and sad to hear about your friend’s husband getting Leukemia. There is so much suffering in the world. :worried:

That reminds me of the book I’ve started reading (audiobook) called “Your Brain on Art”. It is about neuroesthetics, a compilation of how participating in the arts, even as an observer, goes lovely things to your brain function. We who create stuff already know that, but now we have SCIENCE to back us up. :joy:

Ah, flowers and butterflies! Not here yet but I do believe we’ve finally seen the last of the snow :crossed_fingers: The peepers are in full chorus, and I’m hearing a beautiful cacophony of bird and small critter voices. Mourning doves, Phoebes, even a red winged blackbird! Chippies, and squirrels --black ones and red ones are scampering along the deck rails. The trees are beginning to bud, so Mal tells me, but I can’t see them yet of course. Unless I take a step ladder outside. lol But no flowers yet.

Yes, we both have. I will ask James again if he can find that demo recording. I have three full songs recovered now and am about to start on a fourth, this one called “Running from the Shadows (cast by the light of love)”.

Well that is something! Yay! And serves an extra purpose, too! Well done! :+1: :+1: :+1:
It is good to do what we can when we can, and keeping the joy in it as much as possible. :heart:

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I have jack in the pulpit in my shady corner.

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Oh, how lovely! It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen those in the wild. Also Trilliums. (I wrote a song featuring a Trillium.)

My Glorious Mess painting is turning into --guess what? Yep. Another landscape painting. lol I just can’t help myself.

Glorious Mess WIP

Glorious Mess WIP

Glorious Mess WIP

Between the ages of eight to sixteen I spent a lot of time exploring the landscape near our house. There was a very large mucky cedar bog nearby, where all the boggy types of wildflowers grew, but mostly it was a way to escape because no one else would imagine it to be exciting to tramp through a mucky bog.

Consequently I have a soft spot for bogs, with their reminder that all things eventually decay and form the basis of new life.

Glorious Mess so far is reminding me of those days. I’m also using it to try to further fix in my consciousness the difference between Values and Intensity when it comes to working with pigments. I seem to be blocked in that area, though I do manage to make a few good paintings. I have even tried explaining the difference to others to try and keep it straight in my mind. :shrugs: I am most tenacious, so it will sink in eventually. Maybe. I hope.

Are you going to make a painting of a jack in the pulpit? I’d love to see that. :heart: Also I hope your day of rest went well.


Bog/bayou is exactly what I was thinking so excellent job! I can feel the bald cypress sitting in the waters on a foggy morning that is slowly burning away from the sunlight reaching in.
I may have to paint the jack’s, yes. I need to get a few close shots.
Also, having some concerns on turning in the artifact site next door. The place has become over run with guys on ATVs and knowing the guy who owns the place,(and who happens to be an AR state representative) he will most definitely not be happy… :scream: soooo, I am thinking of opening a test pit on my side of the line. Must get out my trowel and sharpen it. I have a screen ready for sifting.

But now I am running a fever and feel just awful. Going to bed for a few days. Covid test negative.

I can certainly understand that. No sense making yourself vulnerable. in this case.

I’m so sorry you’ve come down with the Covid. I hate the idea of you suffering with this. It sounds awful (from your post to the Covid thread here). I hope and pray you recover quickly!

I think I am ready to call Glorious Mess finished. And give it a more appropriate name. Maybe “Bayou Morning”? I’m terrible at naming things, and at remembering names.

Anyway, here is the final (?) painting. I may have a tiny bit more refining to do:

Bayou Morning (formerly known as Glorious Mess!)

Thank you for your feedback. It always helps to hear from another artist.

Get well soon! :heart:


Love it! The name too!

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Interesting. The first, second and third thing I saw were burning trees, but once I looked up what Bayou means, I could also start to see that… But still with burning trees.


Yes, Sometimes it can look like that as the fog is burning off and the moss gets lit up in the sunlight.

Thanks for the comment. These abstract landscapes are not everyone’s cup of tea. But they are a lot of fun to create. :grin:

@sheralmyst Named for you! (from your comment). :slightly_smiling_face:


:grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you!


Stuff is bloomin’

Planted these early spring.
My youngest brother has invested in a very pricey printer. Something to do with AI? And I don’t really know because my mom was relaying this info to me. :grin: Anyway, he talked to me about using my paintings for things like stickers. He is always formulating some way to make money and he has made some selling his art online. I told him I was open to the idea. Of course, I need to see what exactly he has in mind. Maybe once I finally test negative…dang covid…
Old fashioned roses


Oh, those are gorgeous! I can’t wait for the bloomin’ to start way up north here! I can just see the green tips of the Emperor irises knifing up in their spot in the yard.

Today Mal and I got out to do some raking of the last of last autumn’s leaves before the neighbor arrives to mow the lawns. After twenty minutes I was sitting more often than raking to get my heartbeat to slow back down, and I stopped after ten more minutes. But it was fun to get outside and take care of things.

I think it is lovely if you can earn a bit of income from your art. Of course there is always a tradeoffs.

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It has decoration!!!

Most likely Caddo.


How exciting! A basket weave pattern? Did you find that in your own yard? Or did you sneak off to the neighbouring site? :wink:

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Neighbors, lol. However, there is a ridge running right behind my property and this stuff seems to be generally along the ridge. That property is free for me to mess around with.
That is actually a stipple design. Someone placed tiny little dots all over it with a small stick,stylus. My phone and its hideous inability to focus…
All the pottery has been rough clay which says utlity which means settlement. And it is looking like a rather large settlement. I really need to make a decision about it soon.


My eyes and their hideous inability to focus. :grin:

Sounds like quite a decision, too! Good luck, and try not to rush the decision making process. :heart:

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The upper rows look like they’ve been made by pressing the joint end of a small animal bone into the clay. The lower ones are different. So not only did the potter decorate it, they had a special tool kit for the task.
I agree with you about the settlement idea - I don’t see hunter gatherers going to such lengths for a fragile item that’s hard to carry with you.


Fun fact. Some say, if you have Devil’s Walking Stick, you have a settlement. Though I would say that may be stretching things a bit, I have a patch of Devil’s Walking Stick. They are in a corner of my yard that I have left wild. The leaves and bark of them can be used for a variety of medicinal reasons. Toothache to syphilis and as an antidepressant. The leaves were sometimes even used in cooking. Will try to get a pic of them today.
Here is a quote, A Frenchman, writing in his history of Louisiana in the late 1700’s mentions that the inner bark of the tree is pealed, and a pea-sized ball is clamped on the offending tooth

And the berries make good dye.

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Definitely not Native American but is definitely cool

Seems it is a Chantyn Nail Polish Remover bottle by Benjamin Ansehl from the 30s or 40s and is very rare.