Singularity Expedition - Datamining [Spoilers]

Great idea! @Muzzer55555 :smiley:

I was able to get both construct heads unlocked (on my first and so-far only run) by creating a restore point in the Anomaly (with the Ignition milestone selected), flying up and plugging-in the Seed of Hope, then immediately (like, as soon as I regained control before the popups even finished-- don’t know if timing is actually a factor, but was being paranoid, lol) reloading the restore point, going back, and plugging-in the Atlantid Reactor.

Didn’t stick around long enough to test the dialog options on both, but then hopped over to my main save and confirmed both options are unlocked for my account in Expedition Rewards :smiley:

(note-- reading some of the previous posts in this thread before I did the above, I made sure to mind the order of operations with regard to my final choice)


It’s the only title I’ve purchased with QS and the only one I use :3

@escapade @Muzzer55555

We discovered last night, since some of us were bugged out and already put a mind in to the construct before it was patched, that your last choice will be the decision reflected in your other save files on the Space Anomaly. So whichever decision you’d like to be your favoured one, make sure it’s your last. Making a choice on a new expedition save seems to cancel out the previous choice.

I have a Crimson talking to me even though I’m #TEAMEDLANTWARD so I think I’ll have to run through a third time myself XD

edit: ah I see you got the memo :slight_smile:


There are Unlocked Specials in the Account Data
S10_PART1B (Crimson Head)
as an example is present in mine.

Haven’t had time to fix up the property mappings for this update, so not sure if there are any new values relate to this expedition.


Ok, going through the options now.

[spoiler] Crimson seems to have all the echos fear it, they fear Crimson

Atlantid: here-shell accepts other shells. Biggest other-shell is safe [/spoiler]

The Atlantid option I think is furthers the story more. Namely, what is it referring to?

Actually, I think both dialogue options come to the same messages if you prompt it enough


I went with crimson…it seemed to give the option to be more than a machine, where the other was just a machine. Freewill (Crimson) vs Control (Purple), based on the descriptions of the final pieces.

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I have to agree with others here…what’s up with the way Polo put this poor construct together? What kind of life can they have? We get full legs and arms and this poor creature gets scissorhands and spider legs…I am suspicious. I hope Nada and Polo don’t have a parting of the ways moment.


Don’t forget it’s shoulder mounted turret! Our shoulder mounted scanners will be no match.


Polo goofed hard. I distinctly remember having hands and feet in the schematics and they were like, naaah… Trash spikes for hands and feet.


Honestly, i really hope this leads to something huge, and i hope this ARG gets bigger. Seems very cool


Yea I know about the expedition rewards being stored in the Account Data itself, but I wonder if theres anything new which would record you “first” unlock as your main choice.


Polo’s building an army of superpowered robot spidermen :eyes:


its possible it checks for one of the 2, if found uses it, if not checks for the other and if found goes with it. May not be order at all. Or it could be the order stored in Account data.

Guess the simple test would be to add the unlock to account data. Check which robot…then switch the order…check if any effect. That would eliminate of the 2…

I checked the STAT TABLE, only found S10_CONTRIB, which is obviously the number of souls turned in

IF I get some time I will try to update my save file mappings etc so I can check for anything new.

Doesn’t look like anything special in Account Data added
But there are 2 additional itineration indicies added, that I will check out as soon as I get a chance.

“MonolithNub” // GcSavedInteractionRaceData
“NexusSpiderman” // GcSavedInteractionRaceData


I dunno if it does, or if the outcome only matters for what reward you get.

I queried that bot and got dialogue from both choices. Though how it is in code seemed to be only selective. Maybe this is a bug?


The heads didn’t matter to me, I used the robot body to become Apollo


I only found out on like my 60th playthrough you can stop Apollo from “dying”. Just don’t give him the address ’ ^ _ ^

He calls you during the purge if you don’t <3

Now if only we could do the same for Artemis. I suppose we could just never ever answer their call ;0; Like donnie darko, I just gotta sit in my room and wait for a jet engine to fall on me.


If you give the right responses during the purge, you can still save him, that’s actually what I did on my first playthrough, I didn’t find out he can die until later

Doing it this way, you get the unique conversation in which he says you and he are in the same place, but you can’t see each other, a callback to that one situation where two players discovered there was no multiplayer at launch


I did not know he could die :grimacing:


Does anyone have a link to the datamined Construct dialogue. After the engine/heart was in place?


These are the dialogue strings after it has been replaced. FYI the commands in <> indicate text colour, you can use these when naming your own stuff and it will change colour too :wink:


I also did not know that he could die. And I have played through that sequence enough to wish for a “Been there, Done that” option in the game. Next time I go through that sequence I’ll have to look for some place where I didn’t consider the different responses, I thought I tried most major paths.