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Didn’t help then, but now they show.

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See below for various ways to accomplish a strikethrough:


More Lore = More Mystery

I say, “Bring it!”

I like to write myself, imagination has no limit. If circumstances ever allow and you do someday get a chance, you’ve got a captive audience here and Hello Games loves a good sci-fi. I think it is that anything and everything inspires them.

Suggestion: You could create a new thread, and file it under…

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Whichever seems more fitting. And there’s also a ‘WISHES’ thread.

These new items have been a fun dig…

…only thing is, “What lore?”


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You linked a full discussion on the matter. I liked it, :heart: and summarized it in few words. My post has been re-edited accordingly, and ‘Off-Topic’ has been renamed ‘General Discussion.’ Some light convo.

Origins of the Aliens

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Part 4: Awakening from the Cataclysm

CHARACTER: “My home planet sure looks different, although it’s a fresh change of scenery.”

PLAYER: “It’s now called… ‘THE NEST.’”

CHARCTER: “Hmm, I think my homeworld has become the epicenter of infestation.”

PLAYER: “However, I do like Living Ships, :egg: so we might can work with this.”

CHARCTER: “Do I see a shooting star? :comet: Tiny bubbles on my Lush planet?”

PLAYER: “Hmm, a lush-exotic planet hybrid? :thought_balloon: Yeah, things really changed, for sure.”

CHARCTER: “Perhaps we should take to the stars, see the sights to be seen…”

And so they took to the stars

And where they went, nobody knows

To Be Continued…


@Crimsontine: I removed the ‘strikethrough’ info once more. The discussion and info can be found in another topic where it belongs, therefor there is no need to repeat it here where this discussion does not belong, summarised or not.

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Pixie friendly planet

Searching for Shai-Hulud


I got this solar system when I was doing a Nexus mission, and it had this planet on it, so I though I would go and investigate the volcano. :face_with_monocle:


This explains why you can not actually stand on the tops of the Celestial Archives. Spotted the top of this one as I entered the planet’s atmosphere.




A wreck I can believe in.


Hunting for the perfect Hobbit home
Too crowded

Better but not ideal


It is perfect! Ceiling lights and a window with flowers around the perimeter.



I’ve been taking a break from writing to do some more exploration of our favorite alternate universes, when I visited a blistering planet. Of course this meant some volcanoes, and I was flying along when… what the heck is THAT?

These Sand Worms are more like Sand Dragons. Unfortunately this chase didn’t last very long, but I got a few seconds of it.

I recorded some very interesting videos since reinstalling myself in this universe, and I have an intriguing series of videos from back in the ATLAS Rising days in 2017 to share as well. I just need to make life give me a wide open schedule so I can get reacquainted with my YouTube account.



I just spent more time on a planet over the past two days than I have for ages. When I was about to jet back to my Freighter to head to another system, I stumbled across a find that had me scouring and wearing out my scanners as I flew low and rather slow. I have a little teaser shot to share, which won’t make sense if you’ve never seen the Big Mamu.

I’m being coy about this because some of the new guys haven’t come across one of these marvels, and it’s not going to show up in my story for a while for… reasons. :zipper_mouth_face:


What’s it got to do with a mexican restaurant?? :thinking:


What does it have to do with… look at those TOMATOES!! :sweat_smile: