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They told me I was all alone - That I should give up in this fight - And to think I almost fell for it.

So I made friends with myself - And then I was found - Forever dreaming among forever stars.

I do not know how I got here - I question my own existence - As I flicker in and out of realities.

They call me “strange,” but I think I’m normal - No? - Whereas these inhabitants are strange.

How is it that he does not have feathers, but instead has nails protruding from his head? Does that not strike you as strange? - They say, “Birds of a feather flock together” - But I come to learn something…

That there is great variation even among my own kind - If not more so… But, Where’s Hesperus!?

In the end - We are all Travellers, strange as we may be, in an even stranger sky - We exist.

And as the years have went by, we are now less alone than we ever were before - Such love! :heart:



  • in a universe


  • far away

I thought I saw…

  • “Gasp!”

I did…

  • I did see a Gek !

I love the new space encounters. I only wish they werent triggered to appear in front of you but rather were in a fixed location in space. But other than that, they look great and make space feel exciting.


As I watched the dragons fly off into the sunset - I asked myself a simple question…

“Which came 1st, the dragon or the egg?” :egg: And that’s when it occurred to me…

If us aliens have a base to call home, then, “Where do all the fauna…”

  • Nest :dragon:
  • Burrow :hole:
  • And raise their young… ?



It tastes bad

It smells bad

It looks bad

And the more I struggle

The deeper I sink

And the more it moves

I sure wish I hadn’t drank the water



:scream: :rofl: Good one!

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Turns out there were only two options…

  1. If you don’t die trying, you try dying.
  2. If you don’t try dying, you die trying.


Note to self. :writing_hand:


Origins of the Aliens

Part 1: Prequel to a New Era

They say great things come in small packages.

But no package could contain what yet awaits.

So they reduce it to digital, their life blood DNA.

And - Be they friend, or be they foe…

Aliens have ‘ORIGINS’ too, you know!

And just one hit, that’s all it takes…

Whether by accidents, or anomalous mistakes…

A new Traveller is born. :diamonds: And to ATLAS we are sworn.


While we wait for the Origins update, I happened upon this very orange system. This is where I will wait for whatever is to come. There is a nearby Blackhole should I need to escape…unless the update changes that, in which case, que sera, sera.

The sun sets on the last night of this iteration. Now, I will wait for the sun to rise on a new beginning.



That is indeed very orange. How fitting! :rofl:





The new topic for all our beautiful photos.


Origins of the Aliens

Part 2: Awakening of the Travellers

At times, the path of life may seem long and boring

  • :left_speech_bubble: “What a drag, seen this before!”
  • “Variation? Meh! - Infinity? Hmm.”
  • “Definition of Insanity: Chasing one’s tail!”

And we may stare at that path, until the sun goes down

  • :left_speech_bubble: "Player, this is your character speaking. Listen!"

  • “Can you please stop guiding me down this path?”
  • “You do realize that we’re walking in complete circles.”

But - What’s a path if left untraveled? - What’s a journey, anyways?"

  • :left_speech_bubble: “Are you trolling me !? — The journey is in the stars.”
  • "Come now, take flight. Atlas says we only got 16. GO!"

And so off they went. :rocket: And where they went, nobody knows.

  • :left_speech_bubble: “This is your captain speaking…”
  • “They say this is a simulation, that it is the game of life.”
  • “Tell your people back home, variety is the spice of life.”

Destination: Gothbury

And so it came to pass…

That for the 1st time ever…

The player listened to the character!

Armed with this newfound power…

The two became inseparable!

  • :left_speech_bubble: “We got this, my friend. - We’re gonna make a difference, me and you!” :alien:

And that’s when everything changed…

The Travellers took to the stars,

And the players? - They followed closely after…

Origins of the Aliens

Part 3: Players led by Travellers

As written and illustrated by - ‘YOU.’ :writing_hand::man_astronaut::selfie:


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