Saves & Logins Changed?

I’m noticing some weird (to me) behavior upon doing a manual save via Save Beacon inside a Minor Settlement (single landing pad).

I’ve always had trouble with the save mechanics in this game, especially after they changed it last time.

So I save inside the Settlement Habitat, wait for the son screen message confirming the save, and then log out next to the Save Beacon. Later when I log back in, I am outside next to my ship --as if my last save was an auto-save (when I jumped out of my ship to go inside the Settlement building).

Checking in the options, the last save was a manual one, and the Save Beacon is there inside the building.

This is not happening at Trade Posts.

Do I have the Save mechanic sequence mixed up?
Or has HG changed it again?
or should I move this thread to the Bugs area?

TIA. :confused:

EDIT: Just double check saving at a Save Post outside, waited for the confirmation, logged out. Logged in right where I was before, next to the Save Post. :sigh:
So it is only happening with Minor Settlements.


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I must be tired…:rofl:


I save at my Base using the Save Beacon a lot and it always puts me back at my ship when I log in again.
So I was surprised today when I died like umpteen times from fighting the Walker, that one time, and only one time, it spawned me beside my Save Beacon.