Remaining Email Addresses

Depending on what you read this as, the open email addresses is either 08 =8 or 0B = 11. To my knowledge we currently have found 6:

If this is correct were still missing 2-5 email addresses? None were found with superlumina, despite a contact page… Of course they could tie into atlas-65, but I have a feeling we have more digging to do…


Ok this is weird too:

When i go to enter an email address in gmail, these addresses now have an image associated with them that looks glitched. Anyone know where I can track down that image?? Is it part of a google profile?


Also interesting that does not bounce! I have tried sending the glitched image both pasted and as an attachment. Hoping maybe its a manual account and someone will confirm and respond later today… Gonna keep seeing if there is any automated ways to trigger a response…

So the avatar for both of those emails appears to be done via this:

Here is the image attached:

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apparently its a stock still from:

After checking the source of the .pdf, I can confirm it says 08 open, 01 found for Email Addresses.

I think you are correct with the list so far:

Some email addresses appear to exist, but do not result in a reply:


Interesting to know if other email addresses have been found.

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First post here on the forum so forgive me if this has been mentioned. But if you do a whois of the websites there are the following email addresses listed

The listed contact info for all sites

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 81226, Seattle WA 98108-1226 US
Phone: +1.2065771368

I can’t imagine I’m the first person to look this up though. This also may not be relevant at all…

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I am sure this has already been looked up. There are actually more sites, like multiverse-75, wakingtitan, and project-wt. They all have tech, admin, and owner email addresses linked with I assume the numbers added for each 3 per website are related to creation of these domains. I expect you can consider them specific ID numbers with the privacy service used. Nothing to do with the 8 email addresses mentioned in the pdf in my opinion.

Due to the shifting timelines, some of these valid emails who aren’t responding (such as the Superlumina team) may become active later.