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dkkgeirq asycii


Mmmm, neapolitan

'k hè goesting an 'n creemke :slight_smile:

I don’t understand, but here you go :icecream:

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Da was wel efkes grappig oem te leze, ma kdenk toch da w’ier seriejeus zyn aant afdwoalen :rofl:

Rough translation: That was pretty funny to read, but I think we are seriously getting sidetracked here.

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Exactly what I needed, thanks. It is a Belgium saying and it just says: I very much like to have an icecream :grinning:


Lol, had net het Belgisch weerbericht gezien en zij geven altijd een spreuk aan het einde…
Kon het niet laten :rofl:

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What’s up, too easy? Not interested?


Aaahh, the french diplomacy in the XVI th century :smiley:

Questionable for sure

They aren’t tooting their own horns so I will- @DevilinPixy and @kerdorin both solved it . If you have seen Devilins other puzzles, then the fact that it took her less time to break it than it did me to make it should come as no surprise!

This is a Vigenere Cipher

With ice cream as the key word you use with the method of solving this called a Vigenere Square.

Thanks for playing, I’ll try and make any future puzzles a little more difficult.