Qp6: wishes

Real Looking Jurassic Park Creatures/Plants.

A Parallel Universe where the Physics is different.

Sexier Starships

Black Ships with Red or Black “Avenger/Firefly/Avatar” style engines. Just a personal preference.

Firefly/VTOL Engines.

WW1 Sopwith Camel style Starship. Biggles would love that.
WW2 Spitfire

I recently traded in my Top Spec S Class 48 Slot Hauler for a wild daliance with a beautiful A Class (The S Class just never showed up) Yellow “Bird of Prey” with cool blue Avenger/Firefly/Avatar engines. Put it on a hillside and Ooh shivers all down my spine. Is it me or are Yellows always more powerful at least in Exotics. Red’s seem significantly weaker.

Interestingly a Red Exotic Squid turned up twice whilst looking for my Bird of Prey. Only twice. Never seen again. Both times 16 Slots so obviously ignored.

What about really hard to get Freighter Warp Drives that can go 10,000LY or even more. The emphasis is on the really hard to get. Not “On this planet you always get one or you can just buy one”

Galactic Map to show Species Specific Systems.

Freighters renamed Carriers. In what way are they Freighters?

Stop calling Paradise Planets Paradise Planets. The only one in hundreds without some nasty weather was my second planet & it had killer big cats & giant dinosaurs & spiders. Preferred that to the weather.

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