Q about end game

Its not really the end game but I just reset the simulation.

Now, the only space station that apoears in my transporter is the station for the system in the new galaxy where I “woke up” after the cut scene after resetting the simulation.

Is this how its supposed to work?


Yes, totally normal

If you visit someone in another galaxy, you can build a base there and travel between.


Yes. You reset the simulation. That means a new start. Are you now in a different galaxy or did it put you back in Euclid? In the past, you could choose the ‘type’ of galaxy you wanted to go to and it would put you in one of the other galaxies in NMS. Just curious if the ‘reset the simulation’ option puts you in a different one.
I have only ever lived in Euclid and Bulldalanger. (however, it is spelled) :sweat_smile: