Profile picture origins


Everyone here on the forums has a different profile picture, and some of them are really cool! Where did you get yours/why is it set to that?
For me, I had tried to create what you see in MS Paint, but it didn’t turn out too well:

Then out of the blue some other Youtuber by the name of Djxyz0 said he could recreate it but… not in MS Paint. About an hour later he sent me this:image
I’ve used it ever since.
There really isn’t too much meaning behind it. It’s a bird (what a surprise) with space.


Mine is a wallpaper image I found on Google search.


Mine is a supernova pic from NASA.


Lots of filters plus Autodesk Sketchbook.


I really don’t think mine needs much explanation…


Mine is composed from face parts of Czech local politicians. There’s no significance to their nationality - they were just the first suitable pictures I found in a quick search of public domain sources.

There are six photographs combined. The jaw and lower face is from one, the mouth from another, the nose from another. The single eye is made from the left side of a left eye, and the right side of a right eye, also from another picture, and the bald head is from a fifth. The leafy background is from a sixth, unrelated, picture.

Hopefully it’s sufficiently mixed up that none of the donors will recognise themselves.


Did you put them together digitally?


Cut and paste in Paint Shop Pro.


Please tell me that it’s Sean Murray as a sun in Teletubbies. PLEASE


It is Sean Murray as the sun. From Teletubbies.


I took a picture of the sun then put a troll face on it.


Well my Profile picture on Etarc is the same one I use for my Youtube Channel. I got it from the portrait of my original character from Furcadia. Furcadia is a game that I got involved with back in 1997 it is a top down 2.5 D like mostly text based story telling like game that is still going and has about 1000 people playing on the servers the game developers provide for free with donations and various skin sales. just type Furcadia in a google search to learn more about it.

My first character Stahrt-Maggar is still in use and I go on every day to talk to my friend there I have known over 20 years now online.

The portraits have changed over 20 years plus now but the basic feel of the game hasn’t and still holds a place in my life :slight_smile:

I made 3 very crappy beginner videos for Furcadia and if you would like to see how bad I was at it you can look it up on this Furcadia Playlist


That’s really cool! Might look into it if I’m bored some day


The below image is how my profile name and image started on PokerStars in the early 2000s.


Source (scaled down), made by an artist for Broccoli, a Japanese Media company.

My current logo/profile image is more or less based on it, with the background representing wings. The wings were created by heavily editing a coloured smoke-ring wallpaper, and then mirrored. The font used is ‘Angel of Blood (light)’ by Maelle Keita. The main colours I use for my designs in various places have always been purple/orange. I think I have been using this ‘logo’ since 2013 in most places, although on occasion I still like to use my first image where appropriate.


The titular ship from one of the greatest animes of all time, Outlaw Star!


I want this ship in the game.


Mine is a screenshot I took


Mine probably does not need explanation, but how can I pass up an opportunity to expound on the obvious? :nerd_face:

It’s a well known Picasso sketch that was applied to me when I was a teenager. I was quixotic even back then.


If you go to Toledo, you’ll see copies of that picture everywhere. They’re very keen on Cervantes.

[edit] That’s Toledo, Spain. Not Toledo, Ohio.


Some day, perhaps, but I’ll need some massive improvements on my Spanish, first. The way it is now, I’m likely to be looking for a door and ask directions to the port, instead.


You won’t have any trouble with the port in Toledo. The nearest is probably 300 miles in any direction.

In any case, over the last 40 years, English has become the standard second language, all over the world. My Spanish is miserable, but I’ve travelled widely in Spain, and I’ve always managed.

The only Spanish phrase I’ve found I can’t do without is “Dos cervezas, por favor”.