Player-made mini In-games Multi or Single

I know people have made these mini type games in no man sky, but can’t seem to find any references.
Example, I remember Mac having, a sculpting contest at one time. Puzzles and/or races? Tag?

Can any one help me out, leave a link.


Do you have any ideas?


How about an easier version of the ARG but in game. You’re given a starting planet’s coordinates and when you get there you are given clues via commballs, correctly solving these will lead you to another set of glyph coords and more clues and so on.

I am sure there are more locations to find and @MacForADay would likely be the right person to ask, as he has been visiting numerous bases. I am sure some had interesting races, or puzzles …

When it comes to sculpting, I will leave you this playlist:


Did a little research and found this videolink on racing tracks in NMS.'s+sky

There is a great large maze somewhere outthere in NMS, saw it on Cobra TV.
He also has several videos with links to people’s made games in it but can’t find them so quickly :slight_smile:


Here is one of the better mazes I have seen in NMS, made by one of my Spacing Guild members. You can visit it by getting the portal address off our website, it’s under Kingvithe1st on Centers of Excellence. You’ll need to use the drop-down menu to display more than 15 articles since King’s is at the bottom.


Thanks, Nomads! I had forgotten about mazes.

I am looking at it all, pachinko! :grinning:

I was thinking along those lines, too @Oshoryu. I thought there was a site you could bring a coded to that you got from a Comm. sphere and it would give you a longer text entry to read. But, then that wouldn’t be in-game anymore. Just thinking out loud.

This all gives me ideas, thanks again.


Love the maze! Might have to pay that a visit.

But yeah, comm balls that have a puzzle, once solved you get coords which need to be converted to get a portal address. You could have say four different coloured comm balls which reveal the four separate parts of the coords and a previous puzzle reveals the correct colour order, and so on.

There’s also plenty of ways to make free websites if that’s a path you want to go down and it’s not difficult to provide a link to a google doc you’ve created.

Sounds like fun!


Think we could turn this into a planet side tabletop game of some sort using or some sort of turn based conquest?


It’s in the ECSD Hub (names as appear on ps4) , Akyotar ECSD system, planet Almermonderh ECSD. Will mark it with a comm ball :slight_smile:


Thanks to the Galactic Atlas, I just learned about a planned sentinel soccer league for NEXT :smile:

Presumably, they’ll have to attract a sentinel drone into the playing area, shoot it down and shoot down the backup before starting the game.
I’d propose a hardcore version, whereas the game starts as soon as the first player shoots down a sentinel drone inside the playing field, and after that it’s forbidden to shoot down the backup! :joy:


I love ideas like these! I just wonder why they plan on using a sentinel drone drop, instead of the ball found at some of the ruins. Either way, should be fun. I can see loads more new creative ideas showing up with NEXT. I know I will think of some :wink:


Guess it’s easier to lure a sentinel to the field than roll a ball there :slight_smile: I wonder what other games could be made out of them?

We could try do donkey Kong style barrel races with the larger ones dropped from Walkers :blush:


Well, with being able to build anywhere we like in NEXT, you can move to the ball, instead of the ball required to be moved to the location.


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