Planetary Clouds render issue

When in space, the outer cloud layer of planets is not rendered in the correct layer order. This results in the outer layer of clouds having their particles rendered in front of several other layers instead of behind.


I’ve seen this in my freighter as well. GTX 970 here - you?

I am running on a GTX 770, but this issue does not appear to be related to the GPU, merely a ‘mistake’ in coding, which could most likely easily be fixed (render order)

Yep…saw that in my game too. I did forget to include it in all my bug reports to HG so far…I think anyway. I’ll try to remember it if I end up submitting any more bug reports in the future. Right now I can’t play because my current save isn’t loading and I don’t want to revert to a back-up until I figure out if this upcoming patch fixes it.

A similar issue I noticed elsewhere, due to clouds, dust storms, or whatever they are, being rendered a certain distance from the camera. So even when inside, this is still visible, as the below example shows on my freighter. This should not render at all when inside!

Note: My freighter is planetary side by the way.


When my freighter is in low orbit there are clouds everywhere inside the ship :roll_eyes:
Looks bad from the outside with the layering all wrong




Never had clouds in my cockpit, but I have noticed that nearly all my recent crashes have been on entering the atmosphere of ‘malfunctioning’ etc planets and moons.