Pet Turtle Collection Photos


Rocky the turtle!

Put all your turtle pics in the same thread. They don’t like it when you make several threads with the same kind of thing in it.


How do you do that?


You post on the same thread again like you just did.



You can edit the title of this thread and just name it something like “Turtle Pics” if you want


Thanks, I’ll do that



I had a turtle once. I took great care in sculpting a landscape for it in a big box using twigs and sand and plants and rocks etc…with a little pond for him to swim in. Then my mom made me turn it loose into the wild. I cried for days.


That happened when my brother and I tried to keep pet frogs, and a bird, and a snake…our mom must have pulled her hair out whenever we went to the lake.


Im so sorry dude. I remember catching my first turtle, but about a year later, his shell got soft and died in my hands, i cried for weeks. After that, i did some research and learned more about turtles, i kept him in an aquarium without a filter, and still water.
When you’re supposed to have a filter, my filter cleans out the aquarium so i never have to clean it myself.
I have two healthy green red-eared sliders, and i buy them aquatic turtle food from Walmart, they’re extremely healthy and happy!


oh gosh, i don’t like frogs, but when i was a kid i always caught tree frogs and kept them in buckets lol.






I had a painted turtle like that when I was in 6th and 7th grade. It was a lot of fun, until my younger sister “let him free” just to spite me.


You mean red eared slider or yellow bellied slider? And wow, id be so pissed lol.


It had a yellow belly-shell, and the same yellow stripes and red spot that your turtles have.