Patch 2.13 Scanner

On PC, the latest update (2.13) allows you to choose which Hot Spots your scanner looks for. It does this by using the number keys 1 - 3.

Unfortunately, these number keys were already earmarked for use as hot keys by the quick menu. If you have already assigned these number keys to another function, using the scanner can cause chaos.

If you experience difficulty using the new scanner setup, try removing whatever you had assigned to the 1-3 keys.


They probably didn’t have a clue what keys to use, so they figured to come up with this in a hurry, where number keys are likely already in use through an existing in-game mechanic. For some reason I am actually no longer amazed, leaving it to us to figure out instead…

Why even 1 and 3, leaving a gap, and not 1 and 2, leaving us 3 to 0? With the choice to use number keys, they should have limited the in-game mechanic at the same time. Then they should have removed/defaulted whatever was currently assigned by us.

Pfffttt, there is a full keyboard to pick keys from, but let’s pick some numbers, so the player will notice? Then just add these to the config menu, where pretty much anyone in their right mind will pick ANYTHING BUT a number key. The choice is yours… problem solved? :roll_eyes:

Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me how this works on a controller (PS4/Xbox One)? And is there a similar way to assigning 0-9 in-game (quick menu) on a controller?


You know that animated gif of Sean Murray doing his “Mind Blown” gesture?

That is me right now but with my face instead of his. :eyes:

Editing to ask: If you choose not to use their assigned keys for the scanner, will it still function the way it did before, that is, look for the closest hot spot?

I need to keep the things I already assigned to those numbers.


The survey device no longer functions like it used to, but expects use of 1 and 3 by default to change its functionality. When scanning F, you have to select one of four modes now (default scan, mineral, gas, or electromagnetic). It will stick to the last chosen option when using the scan a next time. So if you have already assigned 1 and 3 to something else, the scanner functions can not be changed.

If you wish to keep the numbers 0 to 9 like it used to be, you will have to go into the Options menu > Control Options and Remap Controls to re-assign 1 and 3 to keys other than a number.

In all honesty, they should have just kept Q to switch mode to the next option, no need to switch back/forth with only 4 options. Would only require a few button presses to set it to the mode you want …

Just Q to select the next option, without using previous.
Works fine for me :wink:


Oh! That is helpful, thank you! :heart:


On a PS4; you hold down the L2 button to activate the scanner, then tap either a left or right directional button to activate the survey scanner. Then, you again use the left or right dirctional buttons to cycle through the hotspot types.
Releasing L2 reverts to normal view.

On PS4 there is usually no way to change buttons although sometimes there are some basic options to swap buttons or invert the joystic reaction.
For example, I invert my right joystick so that when I pull back, I look up. This matches my prefered settings for flight, (also inverted from standard), where real life experience makes it feel more natural to ‘pull’ on the joystic to fly upwards.
I’ve become very comfortable using these settings and even when flying (non VR) I’m quite comfortable flying and looking around the cockpit.

My kids however play in standard format where pushing forward is up.


On PS4 you press down or up on the directional button (up for build menu & down for the normal pop-up menu) .
You must then scroll left or right to access the desired choice. Then you must press X or up to choose depending on what exactly you are doing.
There are no hotkey instant-access type menu buttons for us console peasants :disappointed_relieved:
For example to take a picture, I must:
Click Down,
scroll right 3 clicks,
Then press X.
Position the camera using the joysticks.
I then use the ‘share’ button to take a photo.

To build, there is a lot of scrolling around using the directional buttons and R2 is used for placing.


Same with the Xbox controller. However, on PC, I am able to remap to a degree. This is a good thing because HG forgot to enable tagging.
The whole D-pad scrolling makes some things difficult, like recgarging shields during battle and reloading the plasma launcher.