Oxygen/Atmospheric Harvesters empty (1.60 update)

Yes, I knew about the gases. But I used to be able to buy condensed carbon until very recently, and now I can’t. It seems they’ve nerfed that, too.

(edit) And yes, I agree. Despite the problems with the atmosphere harvesters, I’ve still made 300 million today - but God it’s boring.

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Well, I envied those who have been using pre-Next saves, so I added some knowledge to my Next saves, to not feel left out. The things I added were NipNip (NIPPLANT), Standing Planter (CARBONPLANTER), and a corner desk (BUILDTABLE3). Carbon or Condensed Carbon, is no longer an issue due to the standing planters I now have. Wasn’t really an issue anyway due to duplication with Oxygen, but it sure makes it easier having those.

Now that I know about the issue with the gas harvesters, I am fine with just replacing them for now, to avoid finding them empty, until they fix this.

Come to think of it, the issue may have been caused by changes made to Hydrophonic Trays? Due to having been busy making changes to my freighter base, I had not noticed them now requiring charge since this last update. Just another possibility that could have caused the bug, being another ‘MaintenanceInteraction’. I am sure they’ll sort it out eventually.

They made everything cheaper with next, despite having more to buy now with the frigates. At the same time they made it easier to get rich. We need more ways to spend/lose units if they intend to keep it interesting. Never quite understood the lack of an opposing implementation … :slight_smile:


I think aging ships that require expensive overhauls would be a nice way to burn excess units.
We all have favourite perfectly equipped ships we overuse (compared to others) so it would make sense that they gradually get grungy & aged over time. Some battle scars makes sence too if it’s used in battle a lot.
Having select systems which have a space-station with a dry-dock for ship repairs, would add a new ellement. Here we could get our favourite ships overhauled (for a substantial price).
Say for 50 million units your dirty, battered star ship is returned to its gleaming former self.
If you are rich then your ships are never grimey.
Leave it as cosmetic only, that way all the other repairs are still hands on via inventory & a seasoned but poor traveller is not adversely affected.

Same thing could apply to freighters since some traveller use these exclusively. Of course the price tag would be substantially more…but billionaires can afford it :grin:

Edit. Sorry… went a bit off topic there…


This just gave me a great mental image of being displaced by a bunch of robots with vacuum cleaners from my battered fighter which then passes hrough a tunnel of brushes and spraying water to be met at the end by more robots dancing to loud music and wielding towels. The clean ship is then deposited on the landing area of the space station while one of the robots sounds off from a factory whistle on his head while slinging its towel around in an overhead circle to let me know my ship is ready. At 50 million units, I would be paying the ShipWashGek First Class while hoping I was not expected to tip.

My freighter would need a MUCH larger tunnel of brushes and spraying water, especially with the swarm of frigates it always has flying around it.

Thank you for the fun mental image.

To keep from being completely off topic, I should mention that I tried an experiment yesterday, staying online with no use of warp engines. All travel between bases was done using base teleport modules. About half of my atmosphere harvesters and automated mining units were empty even though I had restarted them about 3 hours before. I burned through a lot of condensed carbon yesterday.


Whatever the issue is, it is caused by something they changed when it comes to MaintenanceInteractions. While re-designing my freighter the last couple of days, I finished up moving my farm a bit. As mentioned before, pretty much all of them showed requiring charge all of a sudden. After having moved them all, re-planting all the crops as well, they now once again seem to keep their charge.

On a side note: I decided to plant crops using the F key this time, as I had noticed ghost crops in some of the trays. Basically having used the mouse button before, had resulted in multiple crops in the same single spot. Not really visible, but noticeable when harvesting. Harvest, get resources, but the crop still shows fully grown, to require harvesting once more??? It had been bugging me for a while and suspected duplicates. When removing crops, I noticed having to remove multiple at some spots. While interesting to have more crops than actually shown, I figured it would be best to not have ghosts on my ship, to prevent any possible issues because of it. Using the keyboard key instead made sure to only have a single crop where needed :wink:


Just harvested my freighter farm with all trays being full of charge. While doing so, all of a sudden some immediately turned empty of charge, while others show no signs … This issue is widespread for sure. I don’t feel like checking my saves again, but I expect a similar issue where state is not being saved correctly.

With the gas harvesters, I have had some success (some, not total) by opening the harvester menu after I’ve recharged it.

So I refuel all three gas harvesters, wait a couple of seconds, then go along the line again, opening the menu for each, and checking that it is actually producing gas.

From a programming point of view, I’m not sure what this achieves. In practical terms, though, it forces the game into a state where inventory is actually being accumulated.


From what I have seen in the behaviour of what gets saved, it made no difference at all. The state that got stored for me, was always the moment of refuelling or actually making a manual change. Having another look after didn’t change a thing for me in the save checked after.

Might be something else at play that affects the internally stored state, compared to the actual saved data. During my extended research my methods may have been limited. Could be the fact I actually including the save data, requiring to ‘save/reload’.

When first noticing the issue and checking the saves I did however see some different stack sizes. This means there are other moments to trigger their state to be ‘updated’. So it would not amaze me to find something else at play as well. I am however not curious enough to figure it out. I love code, therefor it intrigues me, but never being able to get the full behind-the-scenes picture makes it not worth my time. It is clear enough the Maintenance Interactions are bugged and not always storing their intended state correctly, either internally or in a save.

Almost feels like Atlas Rises again, with one big difference … it is not completely broken this time. Hope they can get this sorted soon enough, once and for all :wink:

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Yes, happy to report this #5 update cured my harvesters empty problem. Hope it did for everyone, it is my ingredients for my income.


This post helped me out a lot. Although I have to pick up and replace my Harvesters every time, at least I now have all of my Harvesters creating gas all of the time.

Thank you! :sunglasses:


Interesting. I don’t have to pick up my harvesters every time; I just need to open their user interface before leaving that base, to make sure they are producing. Once I do that, I save and teleport away. So far so good.

Playing on XBox.


Hopefully, this bug has been fixed by now. I did have an issue with the Visions update. I had 2 harvesters as well as an Exocraft Summoning Station. Both the station and 1 harvester disappeared…poof! Not sure why the other Harvester remained. They were all sitting in the same area.