Not Floating But No Keys Dec 13


I had an Ancient Ruin floating since NEXT arrived. It is now solidly in the ground…however…it seems I can only get 1 key. After opening the first chest, all other chests are now empty.

So one problem fixed, another created.

Also, I have not had online discovery services for days. It is stuck stating that it is connecting. This is keeping me from seeing the new comm event. :sob:


Did you actually check the opened chests? Silly question, you probably did, but I find on console when I open a chest, all other chests then have the opened animation position as if they’ve been searched but they still have keys in them, so thought it worth mentioning :slight_smile:


Yes. I have noticed the chests all opening at once as well…but alas, these chest are actually empty…:cry:
Currently searching for another site to double check this.


This issue is perhaps, only affecting ruins that were previously floating?..?
Found another site and everything was fine. :+1:


Are you sure you never collected those keys at an earlier time?


Yes. Positive. Because the ruins had been floating since I first discovered them. The marker for them never went away.


I’ve had this happen to me a few times as well… empty key containers, empty artifact crates, ruins missing completely. Sometimes re-logging helps, sometimes the boundary failures are just too corrupted.


Indiana Jones is getting there before you by the sounds of it. Who let him in the sim??