Floating Submerged Ruins [Quick Fix for those experiencing this issue]

I’m not sure the exact cause, it’s either after finding several successive underwater ruins or perhaps it’s to do with how close you approach by starship (as I tend to fly to and from each ruin, being rare and far apart) but eventually all underwater ruins you come across will be floating a mile high out of reach.

The fix is actually quite simple, soon as you hit your first floating ruin;land, save, quit, reload. That simple, your ruin will now be back underwater :slight_smile:

(I literally passed dozens of ruins glitched like this before experimenting with them and discovering this :pensive:)


Good to know. My floating ruin was the very first one I encountered. I am cursed. :ghost:

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I have a pic of one where the highest section is almost through the stratosphere :smile:
Might need more jetpack modules for that one…