No Man's Sky and I finally broke up after 2 years

Hey No Man’s Sky fans! I want to start this post off by apologizing to the mods because I was trying to find the correct thread to post to but since I am on mobile I was having some confusion (as usual!!). Also, I want to formally apologize to you hard core fans out there who may be reading this blog post and wondering why I am trying to be a ‘kill-joy’ on these forums. I usually save my most positive and best edited videos for this ETARC forum as I know this is where the real NMS fans are and I try to keep it rant free here BUT this video is different!
In this video posted I lost my favorite ship due to a change brought by Hello Games. It is all explained in this video. I hope that posting this video here may show HG how certain players feel when they go through the trials and errors alongside the game developers.
If any on you follow my YouTube channel you know that NMS and I have been in an on again off again type relationship and I finally had to cut them loose.

If anyone does watch this video I really hope it brings you a laugh :heart: Thaks for reading!

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