No Man’s Sky 3rd Person Flight mod

E3 2017 / No Man's Sky 3rd Person Flight mod - YouTube
(3rd person & biomes mod by Rarod, Shaidak’s Gen mod.)


Although this likely belongs in the Version 1.3 - YouTube Megathread, I would suggest to not have a link as a title of your topic. Possibly change it to “No Man’s Sky 3rd Person Flight mod” with the link in the content instead, on a separate line to turn it in an embed.


Noted, thanks! (About the thread though since it’s altered game footage I thought i’d be best to post off topic.)

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Not too sure about making it off topic. It is still No Man’s Sky using the current version, only difference being a mod, which is clear in your title. It is good to know which mods actually work well with the current version.

You may even want to make it a more general Modding topic, as that does not currently exist. The only current topic related to mods, I believe is:
Maybe a topic like, “1.3 Mods for No Man’s Sky”, for others to post as well. I have no doubt more may follow and that way they will be kept in the same topic.

Anyways, just some suggestions, do as you feel best fit and thanks for changing the title with the link in the content :wink: