NMS Update background graphics & covers

In case you’d like the official background graphics for each update, image links are below. These are the Release Log type images, not the Covers, which I’ll later add to a new topic.

Foundation (v1.1):

Pathfinder (v1.2):

Atlas Rises (v1.3):

NEXT (v1.5):

Abyss (v1.70):

Visions (v1.75):

Beyond (v2.0):

Synthesis (v2.2):

Living Ship (v2.3):

Exomech (v2.4)

Crossplay (v2.5):

Desolation (v2.6):

Origins (v3.0):

Halloween 2021:

NEXT Generation (v3.1):

Companions (v3.2):

Expedition 1 - The Pioneers (v3.3):


Expedition 2 - Beachhead (v3.4):

Exped. 2 Patches:

Prisms (v3.5):

Frontiers (v3.6):

Expedition 3 - Cartographers (v3.64) (background is of patches):

Expedition 4 - Emergence (v3.7):



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This is super cool. No Man’s Sky is one of those games in which a look back is a pleasure for me. Contrary to what the cool kids on the nets say, it has had such a nice growth and development over the years. And it’s funny to think of it as years. It seems just a few seasons ago, for me, that I fell into this alternate reality. I love it so much, I had to “document” my journey. :grin:


For those (like me) who enjoy collecting the No Man’s Sky SciFi “book covers,” image links to the official graphics are below in descending date order.

By the way, two covers show a raised “spine” area. I think that Hello Games decided that a worn paperback look didn’t go well with a raised spine, which normally means hardcover.

Note: White background outside areas have crept into some covers. Not sure why. Original PNG has transparency, not white. :man_facepalming:

Frontiers cover

Prisms cover

Expeditions cover

Companions cover

NEXT Generation cover

Origins cover

Desolation cover

Exo Mech cover

Living Ship cover

Synthesis cover
Note: The “Science Fiction” text and Atlas logo switch to the bottom right corner from this point forward. Also, the version number no longer appear at upper right.

Beyond Cover

Visions cover

Abyss cover
Unique aspect: A smaller cover, a much larger shadow, and a spine – looks like a thin book.
Also, the numbers at upper right change to a version number as of this release.

NEXT cover

Atlas Rises cover

Pathfinder cover
Unique aspect: Only one of two covers with a spine plus has a slightly larger shadow compared to others. Lastly, the cover doesn’t look as “worn” as most others.

Foundation cover


I fixed the exp images that were not showing in your first post.


It’s because the forum is very diligent and converts all uploaded image into jpegs, I think.

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Those images showing with a white background, are the ones that are linked to a url instead of uploaded here, so it internally converts them to .jpg to show as preview here. You can of course just download the source image, to then upload as png here to avoid internal conversion.

The last image does show as png, likely due to the url using http instead of https which it actually is. You could try that as a trick instead of upload I guess, although I prefer the upload.


None of the white background pics show as downloadable for me on tablet. I was thinking all images must be jpeg to be d/l. I convert all my screens to jpeg to upload them here.

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These are direct links to the source images, so you’d have to use ‘save image as…’ if possible on tablet.

Once an image is uploaded on this forum, it automatically adds the option for download, regardless of type.

On websites jpeg images are used to increase performance as they are a lot smaller in file size to load a lot faster. So unless transparency is really required, it is recommended to use jpeg.


Maybe something with using my tablet then because I get no d/l option for the 4 covers, Synthesis, Beyond, Abyss or Foundation. I also do not get the expand ability.

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Errrrrr… Uhhhhhh… I’m not going to go into any specific details on my opinion on the “trick” of using unencrypted protocols for anything that’s not happening exclusively behind a closed firewall, since it might get a bit… colorful, shall we say.
So, as DevilinPixy already said, please don’t.


Thx. I was trying to ensure “unadulterated” images by direct links. Since the source images use transparency, PNG is the better format in this case.

I’ll DL source and upload as time permits.

I also note that source files vary in dimensions. Some are big 4MB ones. Would people like the original size or ones scaled to 1080 pixel height?


1080p should be more than good enough. Others may be finicky, but I’m fine with it. :wink:

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I dont have any displays higher than 1080. :upside_down_face: Thanks for doing all of this.

I can’t even play the game at 1080… :stuck_out_tongue: