NMS Piano Cover/Tutorial!

I made these a looooong time ago but didn’t once think to share to the NMS community! The only people who really saw it are my usual subscribers so they weren’t really interested :sob:


Oh wow, that’s the music from the Foundation Update trailer! This is so good!

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That was great. :+1:

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Nice one :smiley: I have no training on piano, though I do own a keyboard and can use it to write simple melodies :slight_smile: Gonna practice this today and start my formal training after 12 years of ignoring tutorials despite owning a midi keyboard :blush:


Thank you! :blush:

Go for it!

An absolute joy to listen to! Easily my favorite track in the game, it sucks that it isn’t part of the album (at least on the one you can buy). Great job recreating it on keyboard!


Do you know what this song is called? I can’t find it anywhere


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