NMS-Inspired Visual Art


The Encounter


Good Ol’ Memories


For my graphic design class we have to draw any person. Naturally the first thing that came to mind was Sean Murray.

Here’s only 20 minutes of progress. I’ll post updates


Day 2: I’m terrified of my own creation. You should’ve seen it when it didn’t have a mouth… :scream:


Very much in keeping with the theme of The Abyss, you have bestowed a Monster upon us :smirk:


Pan’s Labyrinth!
I’d forgetten that movie. That character was one of the creepiest individuals…(not including real life politicians and lawyers).


How do you forget that movie? Please tell me, it’s haunting me forever!


Made on Sketchbook Pro and I used no additional assets or templates to create this!


I think I may be getting better at Digital Art


That look amazing!!




And now here is the version I’ll turn in for the teacher. Now you might be wondering, “Now Ospredox, where the heck is the plaid shirt?!” Do not worry, I’m planning on adding that in. The issue is that I ran out of time (the project is due on Monday and I don’t have Illustrator at home). If I get any free time in the class I’ll be working on it


Also gotta tone down the white in his eyes. It’s just… creepy