NMS Gesture Ideas


So they’re adding gestures/emotes to NMS and was wondering what gestures you guys might like to see added. Personally I think air guitar would be great! :smile:

Something similar to this…

… or possibly the helmet tap that follows the air guitar! :laughing:


I really love the dancing emotes and I would definitely appreciate more of them.


Face palm. :grin:


I’m cool with new emotes unless they add a Dab or the Fortnite dances.

Then I’m just leaving this game and the forums and never coming back. :unamused:


For PS4, I would like to be able to map gestures to the direction pad, It takes too long dig through the menus and down the line for the gesture you want (reactions are too delayed.)


I’m on PC, not PS4, but I agree.

The system for accessing the emotes on PC was so cumbersome and slow that I never bothered with it. By the time you could go through the menus, the moment that needed the emote was long gone.

Now they’ve allowed us to map specific keys to the emotes, it’s instant - and a lot of fun.

If they could find a way of allowing that kind of immediacy on the PS4, it would be a huge improvement.


A quick access button to the camera during an emote pose would be good. At the moment its an easy-to-fumble quick shuffle.
Also, a default emote for when you are in inventory or busy would be good (looking at a tablet maybe) as sometimes in multiplayer someone has to suddenly go do something and their character just stands there dumbly while you keep talking to yourself.


Some of my favorite TF2 taunts (emotes) were multi-player ones like High-Five & Conga line. Something like Rock-Paper-Scissors could even have practical use in NMS for decision making among players.


What about that thing expressing total fear…hands on head near ears and staggering backwards then turning and running like crazy…


Dramatic back of hand to forehead followed by floppy faint to the ground.
(Aka: Elizabeth Swan on beach in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest)


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How about a surfing animation expressly for the purpose of sentinel surfing!

And then later add a surfboard exocraft dude! okay i’m reaching. lol


Well i have some gestures in mind;

  • Fist bump