NMS Alphabet

Even though we have deciphered the alphabet, it is still fun to keep track of new posters, etc… so carry on!


depart 2

Beyond Best Friends
diplomacy 2

Let The Music Play
byte beat 2


One thing i noticed…

My Multitool seems to have at least 2 (or 3-4?) unknown characters not found in the alphabet, if i’m reading it right.

(comes out to something like “GS(?)(?)”

MAYBE if stretched a bit, the C-shaped symbol could be 6, translating to about “GS(?)6(?)”?

The image is mirrored on the other side of said tool, but comes out to something even more unintelligible…
(something like “(?)Q(?)K”?)

Is this a case of “random letters for looks”, or a character that’s seemingly been missed otherwise? I feel like i’m CANT be the first who’s noticed it…


Welcome to the forum @Higuera
Yes, these symbols show up in a few places including landing pads. I had never noticed on the MT though so, good catch!
My personal hope is that there is another language out there we have yet to learn.


These characters are not part of the same alphabet discussed in this topic. I don’t think these actually have any meaning that we are aware of. They appear to be based on, or closely resemble, another alphabet we have come across in only a few occasions. This has been discussed briefly, quite a while ago in the following topic:

The above includes an actual easter egg as well, using the Zephyr Jubilee font (by Allison James aka NAL). I think those so called object ‘decals’ as you show on the Multi-Tool have been based on this font. I will show some additional images, as well as a set of numbers using a different, yet unidentified, but similar font.

These are 6 image files combined, where instead of transparency, I made the background black. It includes your decal from the Multi-Tool at the bottom right, which is called ‘PRESTINEDECALS.BASE.3.DDS’ in the game files.

Below the numbers combined, and again with a black background for clarity

These do all share the same/similar green colour, which is likely an indication.

I do find these interesting, and would love to learn more about any possible source or meaning/translation.


Very interesting topic, thanks for sharing your findings!
Can someone check the dates when these graphics were introduced into the game?

I thought (with no means of further confirming it) that these two alphabets were created at different times. The older font that I call NOMAD in my head (the center left word in the screenshot of the cyan words looks like “Nomad”) is an “alienation” of a Latin font to make it look scifi but still readable. The numbers are nicely recognisable when seen together as well.

Maybe a second graphic designer was told recently to add much more text for posters and screens and invented their own alphabet, based on the same lines and angles of the first one?

Of course this is just what I thought when I saw it and just speculation. :person_shrugging:

PS: E.g. Babylon 5 used this font which looked alien at first glance but was easily readable at second glance:

  • Those green decals and the numbers have been there since Launch.
  • The Expeditions alphabet texture file was new with the Expeditions update (3.30) and never existed prior.
  • The easter egg (NMS4LIF) and rare use of the Zephyr Jubilee font, appears to have been added with Next (1.50), as it was not present in Atlas Rises.

Note: Earliest version I have been able to check was 1.09. I have file backups for pretty much all major updates since.


Rise Up




Interceptor has brought yet another written language into the mix


Maybe it’s a wiring or component diagram?


That is possible. This and the writing in the Anomaly are different than the one known language. I find it interesting that they chose something different. Even if it is never decipherable. And what language is the one known one any way?
It’s also possible, since this is a sentinel ship, that it is more of a glyph type writing rather than a letter system.


Could mean: no user serviceable parts.


Since we’re already having an alphabet that isn’t readable without some effort, they should really make labels in Gek, Korvaxian and Vy’keenish… Another layer of indirection will only motivate the dedicated translators. :thinking:


It would be fantastic to have different alphabets for each faction, aerons, …


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I wasn’t thinking different alphabets, though that would be a further option. I was thinking to actually make the labels display in the specific Species’ language with the same alphabet.


Almost looks like the corner slice of a QR code




Its interesting that these have been replaced with the NMS alphabet to say VOID now.

Clearly HG wants it to be clearer that the presence of the Void is drawing nearer.

The question it now brings up is: are these objects FROM the void? Or are these objects from the current universe but just being “hacked” by the void?

My guess is that it is the latter since this message is shown in the anomaly too but it seems isolated to one landing pad.




Scrap Parts Available


Recently I’ve been busy decorating my base, then I noticed the mysterious symbols on the posters. I soon realized that they’re letters. I got interested and then decrypted most of the Alphabet except the letter Q and Z. I searched for hours but still can’t find them in game. Then I looked through the wiki pages and finally got here. Yes I got the complete 26 letters of the alphabet, but I am still confused, can we really find the letter Q and Z ingame instead of looking in the source file?