NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


1.58 is live on PS4
2.630gb in size
Still no patch notes but I imagine it’s the last few hot fixes and patches rolled up, minus the recent experimental branch fixes and additions

@Polyphemus thanks for the clarification of how it works and hearing its a separate instance is great news. During the first season of the ARG I was entertaining the idea of how they could use portals to deliver new experiences and content, like teleport us to Korvax Prime and have these little pockets of places mentioned in the lore we can visit and explore and find new stories quests and lore. I even unpopularly stated they could sell story packs this way, seperate from the free updates to the core mechanics, if future revenue became an issue.

This almost feels like a step in that direction :slight_smile:


Just installed it, will test it out.

Saves backed up of course.


Okay I haven’t really done the community event yet but the mission popped up immediately.

When you get into space Pollo will message you.

I went to the space station and saw I could buy more high capacity slots for my suit, although weirdly the 26 slot went on the right instead of on the bottom so that was kind of strange. I have all the new network options which I immediately turned to off so no one can do anything to my base and such. So far so good.

Also good tip I backup my save file before every patch. I’m on PS4 so every night I upload my save data after I’m done playing and the day a patch hits I make sure that save data works with the game then I redownload the save data from the internet and put that save data onto my flash drive so I have the save data right before the patch.


Gotta say it’s really weird seeing a patch drop on PS4 on a Thursday…weird as hell.


To me it’s weird seeing a patch drop on all 3 systems at the same time.


Right…so immediately right off the bat attempting to upgrade my exosuit’s cargo capacity adds one slot but removes two and my exosuit still says it has 26 slots even though really it now has 24…will have to see if it fixes itself when I add more…


Adding 31st solt brought me to 30 real slots out of claimed 31…one recovered.


Did you count them by hand? I thought the same thing and when I counted them it was the correct amount.


Oh nononono…you can’t miss your bottom row dropping from 5 slots to 3 while your top row has 6 slots alright…that is NOT a mistake.


Here are some of my nice exosuit upgrade pictures…fortunately it fixed itself after the 37th slot was added and stayed good so far…


A somewhat annoying thing about this update is that if you agree to do the community event, it sends you to a nearby portal. In my case, that portal was on my base planet and is used by me to travel around. After collecting the goods and returning via the portal, that portal is only able to travel to the community event system and cannot be used for other portal travel.


I’m curious, if you run the quests again to get another portal, will it overwrite the one that is being used for community events?


@Polyphemus I haven’t tried building a base computer and claiming on the planet, but I did by sheer luck run across one already built in the wild for recovering legacy bases and I was able to claim it… Not sure what disasters will result from my careless actions :joy:

It’s coordinates are as follows


I thought they fixed that in the experimental but I guess this patch is a little bit before that fix. Good to hear it fixed itself after 37 slots since I’m planning on getting at least that much.


I really hope you backed up your save.

We could end up finding bits of your asphyxiated corpse all over the Horsehead Nebula.


You may be right. First thing I did after uploading base was fly to the space station and…

Can’t speak for how the horse head nebula is faring, my contact there, a Mr Dent, has not returned my calls for some time now.

To add further to this, I just checked and the base I claimed via wild base computer is not in my list of bases for telportation. Will return to community event system and see if it still stands and report my findings.


Not all of my bases are showing in my list either, and none of them are from the wild. The Space Station will show but not always the base itself.


Just wow, that looks so messed up !


So where are the patch notes? I am on PC and have yet to start my game, but by the looks of it, they updated the Steam public (default) branch. According to Steamdb experimental and public are now the same. Sure I know the latest patch notes shown on Steam discussion, but I really expected a public release of those notes, especially since they updated experimental several times since.

I guess I’ll be backing up the game as well as my saves, just in case. In my opinion though, an update without any public notes about it, is a big no-no. Oh well, will see how things go…


I assume they all passed out from exhaustion after pressing the upload to all platforms button XD