Navigate on planet surface

Hello fellow galactic explorer, my name is captain parcival.
I am playing the game since a week and I have to say that I am enjoy it a lot.
But may I can ask you something pretty specific?
Let me tell you my issue.

LOCATION : zionesven
PLANET : minnettaw gojos

Around 40 hours ago, I landed in that planet, a few time after made my very first jump when I got that warp engine.
Once landed, I had deployed a scanner of signal and by clicking the button for searching signal, a found a spot of a abandoned ship , so I figured that I am going to claim it and try to fix it ( let call it my personnel quest on that moment)
So I have gathered few material in the area , and then, go the spatial station orbiting that planet to buy some items I needed.
Then I came back to planet, hopping to find back the place, but I couldn’t find it obviously.
But I have noticed a the same time that we can discover some landmark trough the exploration of the planet, so there we go, this my question:
Do we have a way to go back on the landmark we found?
Can’t we bookmark a specific place on the surface?
I looked around and it seems that I couldn’t find a way.
So I try something else, I deployed again a scanner of signal, hopping to find the same spot, but without a real hope actually .
So I found a spot, reach it, and I think I find the same spot, but without the wreck of the ship.
Or it might be a explanation I don’t have.
But could it be possible by meantime I made those ballad on the planet and station, another player to the ship? According to the fact that I claimed it?
Or it is a bug, or feature? Not sure how I can call that.

To be honest, I don’t really mind the ship, it is more the way it work who make me curious.
Thank for the good fellow who take time to guide me in that.


I think there is a problem with the abandoned ships. Sometimes they are there, sometimes not. I believe it is a bug, so not much can be done.

If you want to permanently mark a location, you can build a “beacon”. It will create a colored star icon that you can follow.

I hope this helps you :+1:


Unfortunately, no. One way to do that is building a beacon, which you don’t have in the beginning. You’ll get them fairly early in the base quests from your scientist, but they’re also a bit too expensive to build for my taste.
Oh, and last time I checked, you could only have 5 per planet…
Really, just throwing down a base computer seems almost like a better option. It’s cheaper, and you can even teleport to it.

So a beacon can do that, nice, need to see how built it, unless I already know, but I have to check tonight.
Thanks you, that help a lot, at least for my problem of mark a spot like permanently on a planet ( hoping that stay on it forever).
Anyway, I ll see that tonight, after work.
Thank you very much.
And also check by the computer base…
Thank to you two.

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The crashed ship should remain where you found it, as long as you don’t leave the system.

If you warp (or teleport) to another system, looking for repair materials, the crashed ship may not be there when you get back, or it may be a different ship. As long as you stay within the system you found it in, you should be OK.

I use beacons, because you can pick them up and take them away. I haven’t experienced it myself, but some players have said that placing a base computer may cause problems with future quests.


You can also navigate now using the co-ordinates displayed on the Analysis Scanner. I discovered this trying to find the location of my old base. It helped triangulate things. They show an X and Y Longitude and Latitude. I assume that is what they are. It is accurate as I returned to a spot myself.

BUT you have to land and step out to check the direction you are heading is correct. So exploring is even more fun. You can now mark a spot in front of you when on foot or in flight using the scanner and pressing button ‘E’.

As mentioned above if you can and have the resources you can build up to five beacons. No idea if that limit is lifted since NEXT landed.

One other tip you can call your Freighter to park directly above you for a crude location marker. Or plant an Exocar pad or the car itself to return to.
You could even spend time terrain modelling or building a tower to the sky or this…!!!

I too have tried to find crashed ships since the recent update. Each time I have got to a site there has been nothing there. Even if the developer has reduced the number of crashed ships it feels like a bug as still nothing after several attempts.


@Polyphemus mentions above:
"I use beacons, because you can pick them up and take them away. "

They may take up a slot but you can always think of them as temporary unless you find something more important to mark that endures.

Ho nice, I haven’t check so data through the scanner helmet, I may give a try .
Exploration can be indeed more funny.

For all beacon, cargo ship and car,I assuming be far away to get them caysei start the game fews days ago.

I need to take more note of what I am doing I think. So for I just like watching butterflies and things like that…

Thank you :wink:


All right then, so sounds like tonight theme gonna navigation on surface for good so. Gotta have to get a new notebook …


Crashed ships were fixed in the patch before last, about a week ago. You may still find the occasional empty site, but you always did - it’s a random thing. The majority of crash sites now have some kind of ship.

Finding a good one, though - that’s more of a trick.

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Really? A week ago! Maybe I’ve been lucky until this week I shall have to try harder I guess. Maybe it’s the legacy save of my father’s. I’ok have to check.


The other thing could be that you added the ship to your collection, and it may appear on your frieghter, unless you have one and have already checked?

In response to the topic:
I hope that a more detailed compass is created in future out of the current HUD compass.
When mining I’m currently using a ‘clock’ based of the current basic compass to know where I’ve searched & where I have not.
Given deposit markers don’t dissapear when a deposit is mined out, it’s easy to end up back at the same spot.
What I do is: treat N as 12 o’clock & the take a mental note of my direction & the distance from my ship/base. This gives me some indication of how sufficiently I’ve explored & mined an area.
Eg; I may have travelled 10 minutes from base in a 10 o’clock direction, meaning that sector should now be ignored.
Landmarks such as specialty markers are useful for avoiding overlaps.
A proper compass would be much easier though.


Don’t know if the compass would be that much help, with all the markers it’s already getting confusing (not that they’re not appreciated). What would be really nice would be tagging landmarks from the discovery menu…

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Yes the compass line is getting cluttered with nearby POIs. Would be better if they remained in HUD upon scanning and a more refined compass with just the ship/exo/base markers included.
Tagging landmarks would help but in uncharted systems and on barren planets there are no landmarks.
I use the airless planets for mining resourses so a detailed compass would make keeping track of where I’ve already been much easier.
I might try setting down beacons but that’s limited too.