Myriad-70 testimonial pages

When looking on the Myriad site, specifically on the testimonials page when you click on any of the names, the page it takes you to is for a different name…e.g if i click on the testimonial for Nikolina Sauvage the web page says Darron Williams-2.
Noting this I left a comment on the page for each of them asking why they were different.
Now my comment is awaiting moderation…nothing odd there.
However the date against it says October 09 2015??.


I can’t find where you got that. :frowning: Is the “Network Status” page the same? It seems like something has changed, but I could be wrong.

If you type
That will take you to the testimonials page, then click on the person links from there.

I’m getting an error for that link.

EDIT Nevermind…it works now, for some reason.

Just take a look at the autor who has written the article and the admin on this site…

That make it all the more interesting doesnt it :slight_smile:

There’s a link for Old Gods that has some text on the right side, below the roman numerals for 27 (letters of the alphabet?)

EDIT Sorry, it looks like the text is on all of the testimonial pages as well.

We’ve got patrick-aarons-3 on Tobiah and demba-baardsen-3 on Yi.

Look what happens when you do this:

there will be no 404 error like when you type something else…

It runs through rot13 to get a exerpt from Little Prince in french: And now, of course, it’s been six years already … I’ve never told this story yet. The comrades who saw me were glad to see me alive again. I was sad but I said to them: It’s fatigue … Now I have a little consolation. That is … not quite. But I know that he has returned to his planet, for at dawn I have not found his body. It was not such a heavy body … And I like the night listening to the stars. It’s like five hundred million bells … But now something extraordinary happens. The muzzle I designed for the little prince, I forgot to add the leather strap! He could never tie her to the sheep. Then I ask myself: “What happened on his planet? Maybe the sheep ate the flower …”

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Found this in the page source. “ga(‘create’, ‘UA-98314708-1’, ‘auto’);” not a coder. Does this mean anything?

All just part of the template used. Some pages like these can be found because they were created using the template. These posts were created for example to appear on the front page the way they do. I do not see anything special there and yes, the template has the ability to reply to post like these, but leads nowhere.


That is the Google Analytics ID



Grasping at straws here until the next phase.

I checked it. I saw the testimonials, which I don’t think it changed.
But now I get an error on that same page…

But there was also an image of the Oldgod guy… creepy…


These seem to be from the themes example template and were not deleted. If you google for Demba Baarsden, you find it all over the net in many WP-based websites, even with the same date:

Only to post the first few hits…


I love grasping at straws! -)

Baardsen is a musician who sings in native Norwegian. Old Gods are Norse Gods.

Aaron Paquette is a Canadian artist of Paquette, a Métis of Cree, Cherokee and Norwegian descent.

Jessica Williams is a well-known artist living in Oslo, Norway.