Myriad-70 is preparing for activation

Initialization may take up to 24 hours.


I’ll add here the watchingtitan twitter also for those who don’t know it yet. It updates automatically when one of the websites changes, thanks to @Matt

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Yep, sometime over the next 20 some hours we’re going to see the activation broadcast on the Bogota station!

Yeah, just wanted to make sure everyone here was aware. Seems like this week was really short, it feels like we just did this. :sweat_smile:

If the schedule holds true from last week, the site should open up around 10 or 11am EST.

The title is an interesting phrase, “The sky is not the limit.” Obviously it refers to the colloquialism, “the sky is the limit”, but that phrase already means that there’s no realistic limit. That is also synonymous with the definition for ‘myriad’.

So why then is the title “the sky is not the limit”? Is this a subtle reference to the multiverse, that there is an infinity beyond a seeming-infinite universe?

AAANNNNND I ve got a wedding to go to so will probably miss out on all the action! Good luck peeps. They seem to be getting harder and harder so focus!!

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Weddings can be great, like disappearing into your own pocket universe for a weekend, enjoy it! We’ll still be here picking our heads no doubt. Now, back to the waiting game

prods Myriad

‘prod, prod’

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Radio ad (@Dwarf):

@Lilith will provide a transcript? (Oh here it is, thanks!):

If you believe the sky’s the limit, you have it wrong. The government is the limit. We are Myriad. We specialize in open-source microsatellite ventures, and we think the sky should belong to everyone. With over 37 safe launch stations around the world, we enable a constellation of possibilities, making the world a better place! It’s time to launch a new era of regulations regarding microsatellites. Make your voice heard at


Hahaha, thanks for the tag :smiley:
Didn’t take too long to transcript it ^^"

I knew all that prodding would pay off. Can’t wait to see what secrets Myriad-70 has in store for us :smiley: That ads got me pumped! DUPLE, DUPLE!!!

I might be obsessing over Duple being more than just a nod to whats happening in this ARG (a second “beat” or another universe/dimension side by side with ours etc) but I came across this little PDF that is probably just rabbit hole escapades more than an idea of where to look for more clues but its still a fun read.

The Duple

It discusses Logarithmic Scales as well as some other interesting tidbits. Honestly I don’t understand half of it. I think I should stick to my “casual observer” role and let the smart ones figure it out. I am here for moral support, GO TITANS!

Website is live!

I LIKE it. Contacts page on google maps takes you to Area 51 Nevada.

The sky is the limit? Let’s get more stuff in space:
Website tracking pretty much everything that is orbiting earth.

Near the end, when she says ‘make your voice heard’ - does it sound robotic like the other voices/echoes we’ve been hearing to anyone else?