Musk's Satellite Constellation Update


In other satellite news, Elon Musk just tweeted about his two test sats. It’s the first real world numbers about the lower orbit sats. There are going to be around 4,000 sats making up the constellation if tests go well. People were skeptical with crossed fingers about the latency they would achieve and the first numbers look good. They will mainly serve area’s with no internet services but hopefully the numbers will be good enough to give the internet giants some competition.

How’s the global internet project coming along?

Musk: Pretty good. TinTin A & B are both closing the link to ground w phased array at high bandwidth, low latency (25 ms). Good enough to play fast response video games.


What the heck, this is awesome!


So basically, Elon Musk owns the real world version of Myriad.


25 ms latency…with satellite…:heart_eyes:…I need one like now. I live in an area that still has copper phone lines…(cricket chirps) …yeah


Elon Musk is clearly a simulation. Even his name is obviously procedurally generated. It staggers me that this doesn’t seem to bother anybody.