Münchhausen trilemma

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We all feel as though a Münchhausen trilemma has been invoked by even thinking about testing this in the field. If it can be built, and it works: This could lead to the world’s first real tachyonic antitelephone!

Basic Definition/Information

from Münchhausen Trilemma - RationalWiki (I recommend reading that page, it is written with a very dry humor tone)

The Münchhausen Trilemma is a problem in philosophy that all statements can be questioned and then need evidence. This problem has been well known in philosophy for thousands of years, but rarely gets addressed because it breaks the legs of philosophy, science, and any other possible approach to reality.

from Münchhausen trilemma - Wikipedia

In epistemology, the Münchhausen trilemma is a thought experiment used to demonstrate the impossibility of proving any truth, even in the fields of logic and mathematics. If it is asked how any knowledge is known to be true, proof may be provided. Yet that same question can be asked of the proof, and any subsequent proof. The Münchhausen trilemma is that there are only three options when providing proof in this situation:

  • The circular argument, in which theory and proof support each other
  • The regressive argument, in which each proof requires a further proof, ad infinitum
  • The axiomatic argument, which rests on accepted precepts

The trilemma, then, is the decision among the three equally unsatisfying options.

It is related to Fallibilism - Fallibilism - Wikipedia


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Travelling backwards in time risks creating paradoxes, such as going back and killing your own dad before you were conceived. Don’t know if this has something to do with it…

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I think @bcatrek that is a bit of a different topic - should start a time travel paradox listing or such

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