Melody of the egg : new arc?

For myself, I left a comm ball near the portal on the 30th January. Other than that, I’ve avoided claiming or naming anything during my visits. I didn’t want to spoil things.

@MacForADay, I’m on PC - but I’ve been trying to keep up with information from PS4 World :grinning:


I found that the mission is located in the FLEETMISSIONTABLE where it appears to start with a few condition requirements. The ODD_EGG (Void Egg) appears to be one of them. can we obtain one of those currently?

Edit: I doubt we can get one yet. It looks to be a (living) curiosity item, but not one we will likely get to obtain with QS. Perhaps some of the events will lead up to getting one. Might not even be fully implemented yet…

Best to just wait I guess. I feel like spoiling too much already.


I don’t think we’re spoiling anything.

Hello Games have produced a game with an extremely enigmatic story. Players have to dig and search, twist and interpret, to make any sense at all of it. The game naturally attracts people who are interested in puzzles and challenges.

Hello Games then further refined their audience by the use of two major ARGs. If NMS itself didn’t attract puzzlers, the ARGs certainly did.

Hello Games have deliberately encouraged a player base of puzzle and mystery solvers. Now, with the Melody of the Egg, they have scattered clues around us like corn amongst chickens. It would be extremely naive of them to expect us not to try solving the puzzles.

I had my doubts to begin with. I wasn’t sure we had the right planet. Then I saw this:
Date 01
And now I am absolutely certain. This can only have been left by one of Hello Games play testers. We were meant to find it.

I can’t think of a better way to stimulate interest amongst a group of puzzlers, than to scatter a few clues and confirmations, sit back, and watch them run. I think we’re doing exactly what they wanted us to do.


A few versions ago, they changed the way the game works at the poles. Now, the N/S symbol only appears if you are a little distance from the pole. So if you are very close to the N pole, the N in the compass will disappear but the S will remain. So if you want the exact location of the pole, just follow the N on foot until the N is gone, then turn around until the S is in the center and walk backwards until the S becomes unstable and zips off to one side. You will now be within a few feet of the pole.


Oh and something else:

          <Property name="Conditions">
            <Property value="GcMissionConditionInUA.xml">
              <Property name="UA" value="0050b40002dba953" />


And it looks like we will be able to purchase the ODD_EGG after all:

    <Property value="GcPurchaseableSpecial.xml">
      <Property name="ID" value="ODD_EGG" />
      <Property name="ShopNumber" value="23" />
      <Property name="MissionTier" value="1" />
      <Property name="IsConsumable" value="True" />

Where I assume that ShopNumber 23 is related to the order in which items will appear in the QS store. This will follow after the current ShopNumber 22 for the Antimatter Jetpack Trail (tier 1) and the Rainbow Jetpack Trail (tier 2). So we are getting close…



Further confirmation that it’s the right planet (or at least the portal code is correct), and;

When the mission conditions are in the right configuration, entering the portal code triggers something. But not until the mission conditions are right.

Watch this space…


Well, it is all part of a series of events (stages) for a mission which is located in the FLEETMISSIONTABLE which are your Frigate missions, which somewhat confuses me.


Don’t worry about it. I’ve been confused for years, and I’m getting more so.


Possible that the frigates will conveniently find the item triggering the quest on a mission once the time is right, and you can buy it at the QS store later as a decorative because the original presumably gets consumed during the quest. It would certainly be a change to just being bombarded by random messages through the coms…

Then again, being bombarded by random messages is what got us here.

Also, aren’t there two eggs, an odd egg and a story egg?


Supposedly, if I look at the wiki. I have not found ‘mystery egg’, nor a ‘story egg’. ODD_EGG is the ID reference used in the files for the ‘Void Egg’. Of course there is a variety of other eggs to be found though.


I’m putting that on a T-shirt! :thinking: :heart:


Eggs should be the item for the April event, not February. We should be looking for hearts.


Groundhog hearts? :smile:


Perhaps a future quicksilver mission will contain the needed Lore/story and require purchasing and taking the egg to planet HelloGamesP’s North pole? Or picking up the egg at the north pole?


Or maybe we will cook it… :fried_egg:


Well, it is a “consumable” item so that is possible. I wonder who will be the first one to try to cook it?

Fun theory: Maybe if you combine the egg, with a mind ark, and an atlas seed you’ll create a procedurally generated monstrosity?


You know… I love this idea! :joy:


@MacForADay has a very good point. It’s just the sort of thing I can see Sean going for;

“What shall we do next, Sean?”

“Easter’s coming. Let’s send them on a galactic Easter Egg hunt!”


Just looked at all the image files and that is where the Mystery Egg and Story Egg come from:


These both have a different look:



That is not to say that either of these is not the same as the Void Egg. Although they could be 2 separate items, not sure.


NMS update 2.27 just downloaded on PS4. I suspect the weekly mission this week will be very interesting!