Media Molecule's Dreams Early Access is out!


Media Molecule, a Guildford based dev team who is aquanted with Hello Games (both teams have members who formerly worked for Lion’s Head Studios), have just released their masterpiece: Dreams! It is basically a game for making video games on PS4.

Here are some videos I made about it to give you an introduction:


Here is a playlist of tutorials on how to make things in Dreams. I will be adding to it more and more over time:


Can’t wait for dreams seems some AAA game developers are eyeing it as well. SuckerPunch was talking about it today (makers of inFAMOUS, Sly cooper, Ghost of Tsushima)


The music in this one though,


Been waiting a very long time for this :slight_smile: can’t wait to get my hands on it. Have a limited edition knitted sack boy that the devs sent out to the first hundred people to sign up to their YouTube page back in 2006-2007ish :slight_smile: very big MM fan :smiley:

As you can see I’ve stuck various keepsakes and mementos on to him over the years. He also has a pink unicorn hand puppet for a hat but you can’t see it so well from the angle :joy:


Did you play sackboy in PlayStation All-Stars?

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Here is an awesome Skyrim-like game someone made in Dreams:


Here is a Tomb Raider inspired game my friend made in Dreams:


I made my first game in Dreams! It’s called “Hello Mailman!”

5-9-19 Just published a new game on Dreams: Definitely Accurate Bunny Simulator!


Hey @MacForADay, picked this up last week. So good to finally have my hands on it. Can’t believe it’s been on my mind for six years and now it’s finally in front of me. Look forward to sharing what I create with everyone.

I started building my house but I’m also working on recreating the museum I work in. In its entirety. I work in a letter press printing museum and hope to have all our printing presses and compositors built and functional, with a johannes gutenberg character to explore the place with :slight_smile:

I got the blueprints for the museum this morning so when I get in tonight I’ll be streaming the beginnings of my journey. Will share links in here when it’s up etc


Can’t wait! Got my notifications when you go live, if I have the chance, I’ll probably pass to say hello!

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Consider yourself double notified :wink:

Edit. Not sure what happened, streamed for bout forty mins but only first ten mins are showing :joy:

I had to leave suddenly so I just shut down console without ending stream, probably has something to do with it. Shows up in my YouTube with timestamp of 38 mins but still only plays 9 mins.

I didnt do much anyway, got distracted describing what the museum layout is like rather than actually build anything because I had to run off to do adult stuff suddenly


Cool! Follow me on Dreams and I’ll follow you back and we can share stuff with each other! My PSN is MacForaday now


I just released my third game in Dreams! This one is a turn-based, traditional RPG!