The Dreams Full Release is Finally Here!

Media Molecule’s (makers of Little Big Planet) masterwork Dreams has finally gotten it’s full release. It will be available everyone on February 14th.

Dreams is basically a game that lets you make videogames on the PS4. You can create characters, environments, music, pretty much any kind of game; the possibilities are endless. I had early access so I was able to make the video showing off the full release version early:


I have started my playthrough of the “story mode” of Dreams, which is a big game made by the developers to show off what can be made in Dreams. It’s a pretty epic adventure, though players will (and already have) made things that are even more impressive.


My first game release of the full release era! I made a Doom Clone named TOMB!

I made a Text Adventure style game in Dreams called “Escape The Killer’s Basement”

I made another text adventure called “A Garden For My Wife”


Do you really have to start from nothing everytime you want to create something?


No, you can make a game completely from assets other players made if you want

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Anyone remember Bubble Bobble or Bust-A-Move? I made a game much like them in Dreams!


oh em gee - yeah Bubble Bobble was a fav of mine back in the day, I played on a ZX Spectrum 128k +2 ! the best thing was the cool soundtrack !


I made a trailer for my upcoming large-scale RPG, Starfall:

And now the first version of my sci-fi RPG is out!

The next section of Starfall is complete!

My Bubble Bebop game got top 10 in the “arcade” game jam and was featured in a Push Square article!

Chapter 3 of my Sci-Fi RPG is now available!


Chapter 4 of Starfall is out!

Now Chapter 5!

Chapter 6 is out and so Part 2 is complete! But there’s still parts 3 and 4 left to go!

Chapter 7, the beginning of Starfall Part 3, is out!

Chapter 8 is out with a throwback to a previous RPG I made in Dreams, The Quest of Kadath!

Chapter 9 is out with the climatic battle against Applesauce, the psychotic computer virus!

Chapter 10, the first chapeter of the final Part 4 of Starfall, is out! It’s H.R. Giger inspired.


Chapter 11 of Starfall is out! One more to go before the end!

The final chapter of Starfall is out! Here’s the first of two videos of it!

And here is the absolute final video on Starfall! I promise