Living ship trade?

Can you trade a living ship eg: when your at a space station you can have a ship and say ur friend is there also and he wants that ship he goes and waits by ur ship and you choose any other ship and swap ship your ship automatically goes to a npc and hes now selling ur ship ur friend can now by ur ship can you trade living ships ?


I think you are asking if players can give each other ships by trading the ship to an npc and then the other player buys it from the npc. I have not tried doing this myself, but my instinct says this is not possible or people would have been doing it by now.

If it were possible, I think it would include living ships, but I don’t think it can be done with any ships.

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Welcome to the forum @Pandacorn1123! Like @MacForADay, I have never heard of this either. My suggestion is to take a ship you do not like and try it. If it works, let us know. It is unlikely to work though. If it did, there would be an uber rich salesgek in every system. :grinning:


It is possible i have done this i play on xbox my partner has ps4 i brought a ship and then my old ship that he wanted he stood by and he waited till npc popped up and brought the ship of him but i know that living ships work diffrently thanks so much for responding


Thank you so much for welcoming me into this forum


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