Leaked information discussion

As the most of you might know by now, there is some ‘leaked’ information of the 1.3 update Atlas Rises.
Maybe this thread could serve as a place to get all the info / images together and where we can theorize some more about it from within this community?

This is a short video about it (not mine):

This image has been widely circulated

The original hi-res image is available here:


The order is reversed. The glyphs shown around the portal entrance are in reverse order from the order they appeared in the ARG.

(edit) Correction

I probably dont speak for everyone but id rather no leaks be posted here out of respect for hello games and alice and smith and the hard work gone into building up to this update. Its not far off now

Disnt watch vid buy i see now its images we gained through loop16, according to polyphemus


It’s like a terrible car-crash… I shouldn’t be looking, but it goes with the curious inquisitive nature!

Probably intentionally leaked. Teasers.


There’s very little in this one that we didn’t see in the ARG. It’s almost the same shot. However, what differences there are, are very interesting. The columns in front of the portal have lifted from the ground, with lights under them. A ring of glyphs has highlighted on the portal, that wasn’t visible in the original.

Every location in the game has a 16 digit hex address. Hex has 16 symbols. We have 16 glyphs.

9/10 they intentionally leaked to get more hype / show what’s in the update. They’ve kept everything hidden so damn good, this can’t be an unintentional leak tbh

Since they took it down, I would say unintentional.

I love the [spoiler!!!] crashed freighter pic. I was really hoping for that kind of extra.
I think they flashed the images up there knowing it would get spotted but disappeared them just as quick to let the rumour mill go haywire.
Either way, I’ve enjoyed the appetisers.

I have to agree. HG deliberately attracted a whole crew of ARG enthusiasts to this thing. They must have known (and still know) that every part of every website would be picked apart by experts.

I don’t see how they are spoilers. It’s pictures we will see in less than 24 hours anyhow. Would be different if the patch was months off and things could change. These screens are most certainly representative of what we are getting. And what have they spoiled? Visual form of what we already know is happening?

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It’s just a quick representation of things we can expect to see very soon. It’s like 10 am in UK right now, i think the update will drop in about 1.5 hour-ish. I hope so atleast :stuck_out_tongue:

So are we talking about these “leaked” pics? DON’T READ ON IF YOU FEAR SPOILERS!!!
I’m bored waiting so may as well chat…
It looks like they’ve sharpened up the interface and brought in more variety to the creature generation. I wonder how much more is getting integrated into the HUD and if the inventory menu has altered much?
Crashed wreckage looks like an adventurous little extra. I wonder if scavenging will become a new thing? I always felt there should be more debris variation in a place that has ships zooming past and fighting all the time.
We know the portals are going to be fired up but I bet we have to work to get our codes or passes or whatever makes them go. Missions, I bet. or a language code.
We also knew about the new ship(s) so I guess that might suggest a few more ships to choose from too. Also they look to be flying really low so they must have really tweaked the ship ground/buffer. From those few images they looked to have really sharpened it up and made the gameplay richer.
I can’t help getting excited now.:crazy_face:

Lol. The real deal is up. Forget the leak!

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Not in my little neck of the universe! Just the youtube update info.

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