Issues with Industrial Tech

Wanted to see if anyone is having the same problems. I’ve built the survey upgrade for the Scanner and discovered that I was fortunate enough to have an electromagnetic hotspot about 3-400u outside the buildable radius of my base. Going by the image in the patch notes I assumed the industrial tech items would be portable tech, able to be built anywhere, however that is not the case.

You have to build a base computer before you can place any of the tech. The hotspot was close enough to my base that placing another base computer would not work and so I had to pull up my base and move near the hotspot.

The larger issue here is that you cannot build (at least I can’t) wires outside the build radius of the base computer, so I was unable to run power to my base in it’s original location.

This is now causing a further issue as I’ve found a mining hotspot close enough to my bases’ new location that putting down a base computer will not be possible. This is creating a problem spiral as to be able to use the mining hotspot I’d have to move my base, which would leave me unable to use the electromagnetic field to power the mining tech (or anything).

I’m also assuming that since I can’t build wires outside the base computer radius I can’t build pipelines outside it either, rendering the supply depots useless as well.

I’m jumping in-game now to test building wires/pipes to see if this is a bug. Is anyone else having this problem?

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