Is it safe to leave a memorial for everyone's destroyed frigates here?


Let’s just give some time to remember lost crew members and frigates destroyed by our enemies out in the unknown.



I always call them back and repair. So they can be lost?


I think that its the only way to remove a frigate currently. Seems like a waste of fuel, when there should be a dismiss option.


you can dismiss them from fleet management screen


The option is there, the UI just doesn’t bother to tell you about it :smile:


Thanks for the heads up. I will look a little closer for it.


If I remember right, it’s just holding the general “delete” button (the one that destroys your inventory items) over a frigate in the fleet management screen.


…Maybe I jumped into the subject without doing enough research into the matter…


nah, I think we just straight up hijacked it. I mourned the loss of my first frigate. Then it came back from the dead one day and creeped me out. I will not grieve for my undead frigate crews anymore.


Did it come back wrong? :smile:


Event Horizon …?