Incomprehensible use of NMS photo

So I don’t want to get into any politics here, I’m making no claims about the site or article, but I really had to share this… I just happened to follow this link in a political subreddit post and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the photo near the bottom of the article:

It doesn’t even remotely connect to anything in the article, and quite insulting if attempting to illustrate the sentence that precedes it. It’s truly incomprehensible to me how that photo could have made it there.


Yeah, that’s pretty bizare… :smile:

Is it an advertisement? Sounds weird, just looking for an explanation.

I guess that was the first image Google spat out when the author googled “feminised soy boys” :joy:

I hope Sean sees this and adds it to his list of titles on twitter


Yeah it seems they just did a search for people acting goofy for the camera and put it in as evidence of the breakdown of society. Pretty silly.


Maybe it was some obscure roundabout reference to most people’s reaction to being handed a procedurally Generated universe "wah, it didn’t have what I imagined it would have, life is not fair, I’m going to death threat you and unleash my fury on to social media, feminist soy boys tally forth!! " :joy:

Though Charlie Brooker already covered that in better, less paranoid and hateful words.

“Gamers have been handed a universe and they’re still not happy and find things to complain about” or something along those lines. Was an interview where he discusses black mirror season 3, his love for NMS and its influence on a certain season 3 episode.


Still there in the article nearly a year later. Its a very comical fit in that article, I think. Then I thought of this too. No Man’s Sky with out the spaces sounds kinda Russian. Nomansky. Huh, Russian surname or what. Thats too funny. Insert Sean’s ’ Mind Blown hand gesture here’.

Ok, had to necro because I had not seen this post before.


Interesting observation. By that reckoning, my internet security is provided by “Kasper’s Sky”.

Now what a game that would make…