How to DELETE your account

I thought that this might be appropriate as someone was saying that you could not delete your account. Here is a step by step guide:

This take you to this page:

Scroll down and you will see:

Hope this helps as I would want anyone to be here that doesn’t want to be… :slight_smile:


This option may not be available for everyone for some reason. This may need looking into by the @moderators/@system

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Can confirm, @DevilinPixy. I was looking into this claim earlier and, surely enough, my “Delete My Account” button vanished sometime since yesterday. While I may not be looking to leave, the option should be there.


So we aren’t allowed to leave until the mystery is solved muahahaha!


If you want your account deleted, please let me know. I’m not sure the requirements for accounts being able to be deleted, but I’ve got ways to work around it :slight_smile:


Due to planned removal of the category ‘Technical Support’, I have moved this topic to the following category:

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