How To Create Your Own Pet Walker Sentinel


I promised this video a while ago. Finally got round to it.


Oh man! I love your commentary! You’ve got such a “documentary narrator” voice!


I really enjoyed that.
You should do a series David Attenborough style looking into all the biomes of NMS, you have a great voice for narration and a knack for subtle humour.
Very nice.


@MacForADay and @Mad-Hatter, thank you for your kind comments. I’ve been wary about adding voice to videos in the past - I always thought it was a bit unfair to non-English speakers.

For myself, if a post is in a foreign language, I can generally manage to understand the sense of it if it’s in text. But spoken word loses me within five seconds.

So this post was a bit of an experiment. To be honest, I don’t think there are huge numbers of people who watch my videos anyway, so perhaps I should just do it the way that feels natural.

Anyway, thanks once again.


Wish u could actually hack them and have them do your bidding. :- [

Come on 1.4…


Awwww…they wanted to get in your ship and go home with you! :grinning:


I have to agree with everyone else on this Post. You would be very good as a No Man’s Sky Nature Commentator :slight_smile:

When I do my NMSWU Videos I have to fake an accent and pretend to know how to speak proper English :slight_smile:

Great video :+1: :slight_smile: