Hirk, Nal & The Monolith


Okay so ever since the Pathfinder update came out and I finished the mechanics quest line, I’ve been trying to track down a transcript of that final mission dialogue because I got real excited as it seemed to delve further into the lovecraftian presence felt throughout the lore/abandoned buildings throughout NMS and I was fully convinced the next update would delve further into it. Fast forward a few months and here we all are :slight_smile:

Sorry if someone has already brought this up but I figured I’d share the transcript in case people overlooked or missed it while playing pathfinder initially all those months ago.

" You are engulfed in its terrible truth. You see its words in the text of a thousand tongues, in the ephemera of countless stars.You witness events that occurred millennia before your awakening. You see two Vy’keen standing before a red glow, asking it of the universe. You see a Gek and a Korvax, waiting side by side before you. And before the vision ends, you see a vision of something you have not seen before. Of something that does not belong in this or any place. Of hatred, grief, despair. Of something that is yet to come. You see all this, and then it is over. The monolith has nothing more to show you.
‘Know that I heard the word of the Atlas where Hirk had heard nothing. In its rage, in its impotent jealousy, Hirk struck me from the mountain and I saw the truth of what the Monolith had said. That my end would be an awakening. That in this dream, nothing should perish. Or so it would be until the Travellers. So it would be until the destruction of realities. Know this, the final testament of Nal…’

You leave, shaken by your experience.
As you go, you feel something right behind you, breathing, watching. When you turn it is gone "

I’ve no real theory here jsut that it’s definitely fitting for what we’ve been uncovering and seems important as out of all the mechanics quests, from what I recall (though I do need to read through his transcripts again), have nothing like this mentioned at any point, they’re fairly rudimentary “i need parts or my friends need help” type scenarios. It could be useful information down the line so I thought I’d share.


This caused great debate among the portal researchers. This addition brings the original Vy’keen lore into question, and led to better organization of what was referenced in both.

Largely believed that Atlas spoke to both in turn. As for the new evil, we have the AB lore that set the stage somewhat. Honestly excited to see what’s next.

Afterthought: mechanic mentions leylines powering up for the monolith previous to seeing that dialogue.

AT mkll: the monolith the mechanic sends you to is titled “great monolith” which is referenced in the Vy’keen lore. And not found in several thousand monolith checked outside of mechanic quests.