Hello Games should use machine learning to generate NMS dialogue and lore, because this would be the hilarious result

I think Hello Games should put all the current dialogue in No Man’s Sky into a neural network and have it generate unique text for the game. Here is the hilarious result when people did the same thing with the Harry Potter books:


I read some exerpts form this a while back, far too funny.

I can’t remember the name of it but there was this learning bot that was fed a bunch of movie scripts and the company were going to make the first good movie it wrote itself. I remember bookmarking the page on my old laptop but can’t for the life of me remember the name of the program but some of the sample scripts weren’t too bad.

Granted, they were second drafts edited by humans afterwards but you could see where they sifted through the machines ramblings to craft a coherent story… As with generative music, we’re still at machines creating limitless gibberish that sparks inspiration in humans.

Frankly, I think that’s a good starting point.

Though I have noticed a stark difference between the music I compose solely by myself and the music that is generally me jamming along to a generative sequencer, happy to create in both ways.

Art is an expression of ones self and their environment, we can teach AI to create art like humans but it wouldn’t really be expressing itself, just imitating human expression without the biological/external feedback loop that goes into creating.

Now that’s not to say an AI can’t learn to create art, but for it to truly be machine made art it would have to be an expression of that particular AI and we as humans would probably not relate or even see it as art because it would be so far removed from what we experience in our existence as fragile, fleshy meat bags.

Just my thoughts on the subject.


I agree. The creative arts may use rules and common patterns, but without including the emotional aspect its just empty. I’ve also experimented with ai generated music, and although you can take all of music theory and easily codify it, and then train an ai by feeding it samples, all you get is hodgepodge of what you put in. It lacks the emotional commentary and direction which inspiration drives a human to create. For a machine it becomes creation for the sake of creating.


I am not a musician. I do believe in the emotional power of music. The magic of music, is the emotions it draws out of the person who experiences it. That holds true for both the composer, performer or audience. Viewed without that magic, it may be appreciated for its mathematical precision, its originality of technique, or cultural significance, like any other work of engineering.


Hahaha! This reminds me of a short film that was written by an AI. It was fed numerous sci-fi films and punched out this thing: