Watson AI is being used to develop a Star Trek game; could something similar be applied to No Man's Sky?


Check out this video recently uploaded about IBM’s Watson AI being used to develop voice activated features for a Star Trek game:

I’ve been wondering for awhile if real AI could be applied to NMS in some way, and the fact that other game devs are using Watson now has encouraged me.

Watson’s speciality is understanding and applying natural human language. What if the NPCs in No Man’s Sky could be made into chat bots that can create their own answers to our questions, using a database of info on their race? What if the Atlas interfaces became chatbots that could answer our questions about the universe by drawing from a database of the algorithms?

This could go a long way to making the universe of NMS much more immersive, by giving all NPCs variable and original speech, instead of just reading from a script.

Get on it Hello Games!




This would be awesome.


That would be amazing


It could generate billions of ways of telling you how many nanites you received.