Happy New Year 2019!


Happy New Year fellow travelers.

May there be much peace, joy, happiness, many no mans sky updates, and good fortune to you!


Thanks, may be the time I change jobs. I’ve been a truck driver for 4 years and it’s beginning to wear me down.


Never have I played a game for soo long and with soo much pleasure as No Man’s Sky.
Here’s to a most adventurous 2019 with exciting updates, because this game has the potentiality to go on forever!! Cheers !!:sparkler:


Hang onto your hats! I predict this will be a very interesting year. :tada: :sparkles: :grinning:


Happy New year’s all. Looks like unification day fell on the 29th this year. I missed it. Any NMS parties going on out there in the Sim?


Almost time for another year, a future we have yet to experience.
Welcome … 2019!

Keep being awesome everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:



KZZZT---- KZZZt___ Possible translator malfunction…


Happy New Rear Everybutty


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year community!!! :fox_face:


Happy New Year Everyone!


Happy New Year Insert Joke Here


Happy New Year everyone!


A very Happy New Year to all my fellow Travelers !


Don’t burn yourself out Finnerty. There are other options for you. Truck driving will hurt your body if you do it too long. Take care!


Yea, its been 4 years is all, so many stupid things going on in this industry and other things in my life = GET OUT OF TRUCKING NOW. LOL. Maybe this is my last trip home to Phoenix. I couldn’t get myself to quit the last time, but its been a repeat of craziness this time out and its just getting old man.