Great Solar Eclipse


For those who would like to become a Citizen Scientist for NASA during the August 21 eclipse, check out these sites


What if the update for NMS drops on the 21st? On the day the eclipse starts?


Yeah…I been wondering the same thing😰


When the stars are right…


Well, if there’ll be dark outside even in daytime when the update is released, we have a perfect excuse for staying in and playing all day! :smile:


It seems the Global Observer app is fairly junky for some users. Apparently, and I do love NASA, they can take man to the moon with a slide rule on a ship powered by a pocket calculator, but they can’t design an app that works on most known electronic devices. Maybe some of you programming peeps could go to work for them and help them out. :wink:


If anyone is interested, WalMart has this eclipse package for less than $4. Humorous historical facts and charts for North and Central American continents.

Great for kids.


FYI…there’s going to be an even bigger solar eclipse (in the US) on April 8, 2024.

August 21, 2017
-Magnitude: 1.0306
-Maximum Eclipse Duration: 160 sec (2 m 40 s)
-Maximum Width of Band: 115 km (71 mi)

April 8, 2024
-Magnitude: 1.0566
-Maximum Eclipse Duration: 268 sec (4 m 28 s)
-Maximum Width of Band: 198 km (123 mi)


They are funded by the government and since the american government puts all it’s money into the military nasa doesn’t get a big piece of the cake.

That’ why Elon Musk is succesful with SpaceX, he has a lot of money and a better production chain, also he has put a lot of money into technologies that makes rockets reusable.
the fuel for a rocket is nothing compared to the price of the rocket itself :smiley:

sry for my english :grimacing:


You forgot heaps and heaps of money… :stuck_out_tongue:


So a very expensive calculator:smile:


Fun fact. The money the US military spent on air conditioning for their troops fighting “the war on terror” every year was much larger than NASAs entire yearly budget! By about one billion give or take. And this was before they got further cuts and had to stop sending shuttles into space. So now it probably dwarfs it.


Eh, America is messed up:smile:



The upcoming glyph looks like an eclipse…


Just hope we don’t have to wait til the 21st for it to open…:frowning:


Thats no moon… thats a space station! XD

It’s been theorised since early on in phase one, that the upcoming eclipse would play into the ARG, and even back then people pointed to that glyph as further confirmation.

Havent seen people discuss it a lot these days though, it kinda fell to the wayside. I feel we lost some people after phase one, and there was a mighty surge of new people with phase two, so a lot of the old intel feels lost or forgotten about.

Thanks for pointing this out, great food for thought for those unaware :slight_smile:


The boat glyph tied in with knots.
The balloon glyph tied in with the live drop.
The eclipse glyph looks to be almost obvious
And the one following it is the dinosaur which ties in with the Galactic Hub logo.
The previous set were also linked to subjects of the same set but the ideas didn’t actually line up.
Maybe in each set they get more in line with the puzzle that follows.


Today we have a Partial moon eclipse in germany mofi-20170807