NMS eclipse complilation


With all this talk about eclipses I thought it would be fun and interesting to create this topic for NMS players to try to post pictures of eclipses captured in-game using photo mode and the change sun position feature! :smiley:



closest thing i have in my library at the moment. Will take more purpose built screenshots next time I enter Mercury Process.


These are great pictures guys, keep em comin! :wink::+1:


Not quite but close enough. :upside_down_face:
Does it count if you move the sun behind a planet in photo mode? :thinking:


I guess I like taking pictures of freighters.


Almost an alignment of three


Wow that’s cool! Yeah by all means move the sun :+1:


The big day: August 21, 2017 :sunny: :last_quarter_moon_with_face: I thought I’d post this here as a resource for everyone. Then, I’ll be posting my in-game celebratory screen shot, tomorrow :sunglasses: Don’t forget to share yours, too!


I have got to find the equivalent in No Mans Sky


Got 2 for today!


That’s awsome!! :+1:


Cool!! Looks really good from space too! :+1:


Well… since I’m not from the US, I figure I can get away with half an eclipse…


My in-game celebratory screen shot: NMS Solar Eclipse 2017


@LilLadyD76, hey, were you on my planet, creeeeper?! :nerd_face:


Say What?! That is crazy! :open_mouth: Um, ya might wanna keep an eye out for this guy


Lovin all these pics! :smiley:


more like the sun peeping around the corner than a proper eclipse :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Does this one count?