Glitches are for snitches

On the pre-launch version of the No Man’s Sky site, there was a glitched-out Atlas (and a red-tinted version still exists on the Press section):

Elizabeth (or someone at the Atlas Foundation) continues to glitch parts of Atlas websites in order for us to activate more sigils and glyphs on Waking Titan. We also received a badly glitched image in the last PDF.

There seems to be some common thread here of glitched reality, not including Sean’s related-or-not glitched text tweet last year. Is this glitching being caused by the Atlas Foundation messing with space-time and their technology not quite working?

Or are we being led down a glitchy primrose path by Elizabeth, activating glyphs and sigils without actually knowing the consequences? Is Elizabeth even real?

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That’s an interesting question. Taken seriously, it’s kind of hard to imagine some horrendous consequences to people on a message board manipulated by some murky Overseers lurking in net shadows, led to tinker with settings on various websites for some personal agenda. Except possibly some sort of social engineering experiment to see how clever or easily manipulated people in general are. It’s really hard to imagine something other than that, or to really believe that we’re fumbling with clues to help solve a weird call for help from a time bubble in an alternate future.

So I roll with option 2 because it’s fun and engrossing, and adds to my sense of personal value to the world.