Getting a laugh out of life




Thank you for sharing that.

That is my experience also, work/job and life around me is trying to force a way of being that does not seem to correlate with reality.

I remember the hashtag


This article also has some insight.

Also the Slow Movement


Apparently, I have taken this approach to life for many years and did not know it. :smile:


I’d love for my city to slow down too, was grand for a bit but then dublin became a bit of a tech hub and a tax haven '^ _ ^

I personally pressed the slow-play button on life last year and taking the time, treading gently as it were, to get myself back to a healthy centre and figure out what am do me. I’ve been on a waiting list for a year so that kinda helped to give myself permission to step out of the race for a bit. Actually have a date for it now and looking forward to finding whatever new normal is for me, personally I’m leaning towards “new weird”; "normal"s overrated and a fairly exclusionary word for thought XD

No Tornados so I have that going for me.

I keep getting ads for that sequel to Twister now too this past week…

I have to wonder how it feels for someone living in tornado country when buses, buildings, billboards and internets are covered in ads promising an entertaining time watching those things that literally ruin your lives and memories?

Is it one of those “I’m desensitized and accepting of the swirling death in all its forms” kinda things or does it differ day to day?


Twister is one of my favorite movies. It’s kinda weird I guess. Maybe it is the trauma factor that feels so relatable. And even though Dorothy and how they place it in the path is totally unrealistic, the movie has a serious tone as they focus on the need for an early warning system to help save lives.
I forgot about the sequel. Will have to look into it.

Edit: just read a review of Twisters. Compared to the original Twister, it does not seem as realistic. That is because the 1996 release of the original came at a time before so many storm chaser vids of actual tornadoes was available. This critic stated that the sequel fails to make use of actual footage and for those of us who are fascinated by tornadoes, it is noticeable.
Apparently, the remake also has a ‘tornado wrangler’ who anchors his truck in the path and pulls off outrageous stunts for his YT audience…sounds plausible to me. :rofl:


None a big snake, it seems


I was waiting for the article to clarify they were concealed in several pairs of pants in a suitcase or something.


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Algo Clause left this under the tree this morning and I’m delighted to have taken the bait (I thought it was something to do with Rich Fulcher from the thumbnail XD ) .

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Uploaded yesterday at 3pm. This aged well…

edit: I can’t make three posts in a row XD

It’s always more “getting an existential terror attack out of life” with Conor O’Malley but as an irishman I don’t think I understand any other form of comedy :slight_smile:

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In case you missed it


Watching frustrated XBox owners. Things don’t look good for Microsoft right now.


Mmmm, Doritos. I mean ditto … This update is long over mountain dew though.

Sorry, that’s enough gamer fuel jokes.

I always laugh at comments like these, reminds me of people’s mothers when yr a kid making their complaint seem like a bigger burden than it actually is in the hopes they get a month’s supply of crisps.

“The new cheese and onion flavour is unsatisfactory and I do not see myself being a returning customer going forward”

One month later, boxes of crisps and an apology note arrive. The 90s were wild