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I hope it’s just a full documentary of him playing with Lego

Exposition Dump

Was working towards saving for a PS5 with the intent of getting it close to my birthday in March to play FF7 Rebirth.

Went online to see what places near me offered the best prices etc and noticed there was a ridiculous sale on, over 100 off on a disc edition of the console… (I want physical ff7 rebirth for the true nostalgic buzz.)

Now there is a PS5 in a warehouse being loaded on to a delivery truck and it is heading my way this week.

Very quick turn around of events.

Look forward to playing No Mans Sky Expedition all over again on my original account :slight_smile:

If I am remembering correctly, owning NMS on ps4 means I have it on ps5 too?

Will my cloudsaves from 3 years ago still be on sonys servers?

Will I need to do anything on ps4 to convert the saves or will it work?

Those are my only questions.

Oh and of course, if you can suggest any cheap or cheerful quintessential PS5 exclusive titles I may have missed out on I’d love to hear them <3


Playing PS5 NMS from the PS4 disc that I already owned. It auto upgraded but I have to have the disc in to play

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Yes. You just need to download the PS5 version.
Old saves can be transfered across from the PS4, (if it can be resurected enough to talk to the new console), but I can’t answer your query as to your cloud saves still being accessible…
You’re going to love the faster load screens on PS5!

I recomend a USB memory extension thingy to keep your dormant games on, as the PS5 has the memory capacity of a 1980’s Commodore 64 which isn’t very helpful in the current era.
Really don’t understand that decision by Sony.
Our 1Tb PS4 also has a 1Tb storage thingy but its been the entire family’s go-to console since they were first released so there are a lot of games stuffed in there.

As for recommendations, so long as you can get your head around the exaggerated controversies (thanks internet) I found Hogwarts Legacy to be a nicely rounded game.
Mrs Mad is currently ploughing her way through Avatar which is very very pretty & quite immersive & is essentially Far Cry on Pandora from a play perspective.
If you want little & fun, I’d suggest the Little Nighmares franchise. Simple but creepily beautiful side scroller with a third game coming this year & some DLC available. Lots of wierd lore to investigate online too. Wear your brown pants though.


PS5 arrived today.

I boot it up, I download NMS and I also download NMS ps5 upgrade.

I boot up PS4 version on PS5 and upload save for transfer via in-game menu.

I then quit out and boot up shiny new NMS.

It looks…
worst than on my pc.
Not sure why…

Then it dawns on me. Oh yeah, this is still the ps4 version being emulated on ps5. DERP.

Quit back out

Boot up the real McCoy… Holy funk balls all of yall!

It looks amazing and runs so butterly smooth.
My CPU on PC was starting to show its age and struggle to render the world at the same pace my GPU was so this is a nice breath of fresh air.

Also I got a HDR 4k PC monitor for 100 euro on a dirt cheap sale during lockdown, never got to actual go 4k with it, best i could do was 1080 hdr 60hz or 1440 hdr with DLSS on performance. (okay sorta lie, I play Minecraft RTX bedorck at 4k because its Minecraft, of course I can)

Happy I can finally use that monitor to its fullest ability (only 60hz but no rush to try 120hz, I’m an old school “25 frames is fine for non-competitive” kinda guy)

Very happy. Time to start collecting BluRay again I guess.

Also was a treat to see my post atlas rises pre next base again.

Took a screen on PS4 emu and then ps5 version

Uploading from phone, actually can’t tell which is which on small screen :slight_smile: