Friendlist & Chatbox

Maybe a weird suggestion but i’d love a Friendlist and Chatbox on this forum.
Would look great overall.


Interesting. By and large, I like the fact that there isn’t a friends list. Just as I like the fact that there’s no provision for downvoting.

If you have a friends list, then by definition, anyone who’s not on it is not your friend.

As it is, everyone on the forum just rubs along together. We’re all ETARC, we all try to get on with each other, and there are no obvious favourites.


Totally agree with you. Love this community as a whole.

There is private messages functionality available, if one needs to reach someone in particular.


In a way this is already available. For public chat with everyone out here on the forum, you just create a topic to have a subject to talk about and everyone can chime in. This whole forum is basically just a big public chatter box organised by subject.

If you want chatter with just a select group of users, aka ‘friends’, just start a private message, like @zeff013 mentioned. You can then invite other users to join this conversation and have your own group of ‘friends’ to talk with in private.

That being said, chat is usually more random/off-topic, easier to access, generally feels less restricted and more ‘separated’ from the usual forum posts. I looked for possible plugins and there is a plugin called Babble that would allow for an integrated chat.

On a side note, there is also a plugin for Chatroom Integration, which is capable of sending a variety of notifications to supported chat platforms. Discord is likely the most popular one, which may be useful, even though our CSD forum does not have an official Discord. Maybe the higher-ups are willing to consider this instead, making a forum integrated chat redundant of course.

So yes, there are some options. If there is truly a big wish for a separated chat functionality within our forum or externally, I could suggest the higher-ups to have a look into it. As it currently stands, I don’t see a ‘true’ need, but feel free to prove me wrong by letting us know in replies below. Maybe start a poll?


This… SO perfectly said.



Thank you for clearing it up;; @Polyphemus i agree that this forum/community should stay as one!
it’s the best this way. Thank you!